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10/11/1982, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Kristy Wu


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Kristy Wu is an Asian American actress who lives in Los Angeles. Her first acting job was in the stage production of "One Thousand Cranes" at age 12. Since then she has made numerous appearances both on TV and in movies. In 2002, she starred in the film…more


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    • Kristy Wu: (On casting for Cry Wolf) It was hairy. You know the waiting room, you have the couple girls waiting to read for your role. It's like going to court or something because they're like (points) you, you, you. It's like picking a jury: "Don't pick me. Yes, pick me. Don't pick me." And it just goes back and forth and back and forth. But I actually had fun when I was in the Mix & Match room.

    • Kristy Wu: (About filming Cry Wolf) Because everybody cared so much, it made it real. It made the scenes real, and feeling that was an amazing, amazing feeling to actually feel scared even though you know that it's fake. Even though you know it's all planned. To be in the scene and to have this reality of "Oh my God, that's my friend over there," is great.

    • Kristy Wu: In a good horror film, it would be something that's real. Not some zombie, not something that we're not familiar with, but something that's close to you. Something you could see everyday put in a different situation that just scares you out of your mind. You don't know what to think. You don't know what to feel. You can't even move.

    • Kristy Wu: (About her horror film Cry Wolf) I just like to be scared. If it's a good movie, then I'm a fan of good movies. This is a good movie.

    • Kristy Wu: (About Flight 29 Down) Watch the show. You'll be sorry if you don't. It's something that's never been dealt with in this way.

    • Kristy Wu:(About drawing) [It's] a cathartic, relaxing...a happy time.

    • Kristy Wu: Collecting stuff is satisfying.

    • Kristy Wu:(On acting and being Asian in the acting business) This is a tough business. You have to have determination and be extremely sure of yourself that this is what you want to do. I'm in this for the rest of my life - and it's hard, the ups and downs. You have jobs for a few months and then there are some down times. It is a very unsure life, so you have to be sure of yourself. Open (casting) is more common and Asians can get roles where producers don't specify that they want an Asian. The good thing is that there are more Asians popping up in the industry, and there are more roles for them.

    • Kristy Wu:(On filming in Hawaii) I loved Hawaii! It was my first time to Oahu, and the people were so caring and hospitable. I know I now have a home in Hawaii. Everyone was willing to help, and that's really important when trying to make a successful show. It is so refreshing to find people like that; you don't really see that in LA.

    • Kristy: I do play dark, tortured roles a lot, so this role (as Melissa) is very, very different,It's a nice breath of fresh air.

  • Kristy is talented, edgy and beautiful!

    I love watching Kristy. I think she is way cool and a great actress! I actually found her facebook fan page. The pictures she has on there are so pretty. I'd like to see her star in more films. HER FACEBOOK: --

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  • Shes one of my personal faveorite TV/Movie star ever!!!

    Kristy Wu is a wonderful, talented actress.. she has an amazing way of playing sweet teenagers(Melissa Wu on Flight 29 Down) and then playing dark roles ( Scarlet Sinister on Return to Halloween Town ) She has played in my most faveorite TV show ever . . . Flight 29 Down . She is just awesome the way she can act is amazing. She is also a awesome person. She is also very funny. If you ever seen her in the behind the seens on flight 29 down you will see her making fun of halle hirsh "daleys" smile.. also at her side Johnny Pacar. But it was all in fun :) She is so great and encorage you to watch her in some movies and TV showsmoreless