Krystal Harris

Krystal Harris


11/7/1981, Anderson, Indiana

Birth Name

Krystal Marie Harris



Also Known As

Miss Krystal, Krystal, Miss Krystal
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Krystal Harris is a very inspirational young woman. She has starred in roles on television and in movies. She writes inspirational music and music that relates to her life.

You probably recognize her as the black-spiked hair girl from "The Princess Diaries". Now she has gone from…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She appeared as herself in the 2002 Disney movie, The Country Bears, where she performed the song, "The Kid In You", which is also on the soundtrack.

    • She is best known for her song "Supergirl" which appeared on the soundtrack for the Disney movie The Princess Diaries as well as her only album, 2001's Me & My Piano.

  • Quotes

  • She can sing.

    Its sad that people with so much talent doesn't get notice enough. She sung supergirl on the princess daries and also did a video for the same song. Thats all i ever seen her in and probably thats gonna be it for her expect little parts like commericals and extra. Just to feel in some space she should be known more than she already is and is kinda creepy looking thats probably why. But she has pretty eyes and different looking hair that i never seen before. Hopefully in the future she'll make it to the top. Krystal Harris underused.moreless