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    • Krysten: Veronica Mars is definitely a major highlight in my career thus far. Other highlights have been meeting a few of my favorite directors. I got to meet Robert Benton recently and I have had the privilege of working with Robert Altman and Kenneth Lonergan. Really any time I get to act is a highlight in my book.

    • (On the writers of 'Veronica Mars') Krysten: The writers on the show are really strong, so they infused Gia with a real quality that hopefully I brought to life.

    • (On Steve Guttenburg) Krysten: He's awesome. He's kind and charismatic and self effacing and genuine and I loved the days we were on set together. We would gab non-stop about the biz and whatever else. Of course I referred to him as "The Gutt." But I don't think ever to his face.

    • (On Ryan Hansen) Krysten: We get along really well. That guy cracks me up. We would goof off between takes — secret handshakes and what not — and then the cameras would roll and it's like OK STOP LAUGHING.

    • Krysten: For me, wardrobe is very important in finding the character. If I'm going to play silly and ditzy, I need to feel and dress silly and ditzy.

    • Krysten: Sal, the costume designer on Veronica Mars is FABULOUS!

    • Krysten: Comedy is all about timing, and playing the truth of the moment.

    • Krysten: I love comedy but I also enjoy drama. "They" do say comedy is harder than drama, but I don't think about it that way.

    • Krysten: It's kind of hard to keep a straight face when your trying to pretend chlamydia is a flower.

    • Krysten: I'm 5'9" barefoot. Which isn't THAT it? I'm not a big scary beast or anything.

    • Krysten: I love all kinds of music. I wouldn't necessarily say "I'm a country singer" but I do think Ex Vivian has a hint of it here and there.

    • Krysten: I am definitely looking for a great film or theatre role that will really challenge me. I want to do something I haven't gotten to do before.

    • Krysten: My goal is to do a little of everything in my career. Actually I'm pretty greedy for work — so in truth I would like to do A LOT of everything.

    • Krysten: Doing a play is very different from doing films or TV. In theatre, the medium lends itself to allowing you to have an arc with a character, you start at one place and end in another and it all happens right there, where with camera work you might shoot the last scene first and the first scene last, etc.

    • (On 'Gilmore Girls') Krysten: The show is very fun. Everyone talks so fast! It's the same night and same network as Veronica Mars. What are the chances...

    • Krysten: I love Veronica Mars so much — I would LOVE to go back!