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  • KT Tunstall's album, Eye to the Telescope, is one of the must-have albums. That's if you have to buy one album, make it that one.

    Wholeness was never as whole as defined by KT Tunstall's debut album. One by one, the songs deserve the best compliments there are. "Other Side of the World", by any term, is a hit. A super-hit. It melody, lyrics, singing and the tone, all combined together, gives you the perfect feeling. You just never want to stop playing that song.

    The rest of the album is also as satisfying as this song. "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree", "Suddenly I See", and "Another Place to Fall", are all successfull and excellent songs. KT, or Katie, has a sweet voice, and her plaing is gorgeous. She's not accidently nicknames "One-Woman Band"...