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  • Faith Koothrappali

    I'm coming to see you soon
  • Good but could be great

    I can't say I have seen anything else that Kunal may have done other then BBT. In saying so he is great, he brings the character to life and made for awesome laughing moments. As of now his character drinks to talk to women so you tend to see his character drink too much. I wonder when he will come out as a drunk or when they will give his character the freedom of talking to women without being drunk, and a jerk as seen many times. Great character but he is stuck in a character trap that prevents character evolution. Writers fault, not Kunal.

  • Kunal Nayyar is a great guy and a really funny actor. Sweet and charming!

    Kunal's character Rajesh Koothrappali can't talk to women unless he is drunk. Kunal has no such problem. He is charming and a doll to work with. He brings charm and intelligent innocence to the character of Raj. He is a joy to watch, especially when he actually gets the girl. He doesn't even really need dialog to get the point across. The fact that he hasn't received any other reviews means that he has definitely been overlooked. The whole Big Bang Theory cast is great and I hate to see him left out, because he truly is funny and a joy to watch.