Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle


12/9/1968, Pittsburgh, PA.

Birth Name

Kurt Steven Angle



Also Known As

Kurt Angle
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In 1996, Kurt Angle was the first American Olympic Gold Medalist ever to win the 220-pound weight class. Angle has more than 23 years of wrestling experience with over 200 crushing pins under his belt. He has also won the "Worlds" Championship in 1995 and 1994 "US OPEN".…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • He can wrestle.

    This guy can wrestle. He is really a wrestler in which is rare. I think he his decent on the microphone and has fought through serious injuries in order to compete. I think he was the most entertaining when he was in WWE. He really was the best pure wrestler and was often the individual that was called on to put over other wrestlers. I think now that he is in TNA, he is still a good wrestler, but not what he use to be. Overall, he should be back in WWE and teach many of the young wrestlers how to actually wrestle. Thank you.moreless
  • Kurt Angle The Gold Medalist was a spectacular person to watch perform as a child he was one of the Best Technical wrestlers i had ever seen and was very talented at submission style wrestlingmoreless

    I've always been a Huge Fan Of Kurt Angle. i was very upset when he left the WWE for TNA but that's understandable because The WWE never used him well and i could see him very well making a bigger name for himself in TNA. One things for sure I hope to see Kurt Angle in the Hall of Fame Down the road he was loyal to the WWE for a very long time and engaged in some classic feuds and matches against the likes of the Rock,Booker T,Stone Cold Steve Austin,and Triple H, Kurt was a Very sucessful wrestler during his time in the WWE becoming a a 4 time WWE champion,a 1 time Heavyweight Champion,among many other things such as winning KOTR in 2000.He Was also a great submission Wrestler who was Someone that when he applied the Ankle Lock You Knew The Match Was overmoreless