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  • My idol

    Kurt Cobain was an absolute musical genius. He was the singer/guitarist for my favorite band Nirvana. I have so much respect for this guy it's not even funny. I love all of his songs. Especially "Smells Like Teen Spirit" which is Nirvana's biggest song and ranked #1 on VH1's top 100 songs of the 90's as well as #1 on some others. The thing I like the most about Kurt was that he came out when no one else would and started making his music, which at the time would've been frowned upon because the big thing was glam rock. He was a pioneer, he put so much emotion into his songs and his singing. His song writing was excellent as well as his guitar playing. He was very good with Grohl and Novoselic. It's a shame what happened to him :( and I don't think it was suicide. He is my all time favorite.
  • Kurt Cobain

    Kurt was a great musician very talented and original ....he was sad thar ppl couldn't get the meaning of his songs ....some believe that he didn't commited suicide but they are not sure about who killed him ....the truth is that his spirit stays alive trhough his songs .... his voice express the new music style he created, a generation who loved him .... Kurt is alive in our hearts and he will be forever as a cursed idol who predected his end .... He is never gonna die! he is in our hearts and as we hear his music we' ll never forget him ....
  • One of the most inspiring musicians ever.

    Kurt Cobain was an all time great musician.He was the frontman of Nirvana one the greatest bands ever.

    Nirvana was the music group that changed how rock and roll sounded in the 90s.I don't really remember how old I was when I first saw Smells Like Teen Spirit on Beavis and Butthead. I just remember thinking that it was the greatest song I have ever heard.

    There were so many other songs like Lithium, In Bloom, All Apologies that stand out as some of my favorite songs ever.He left the world the he wanted to so even though he is dead he will never be forgotten and Nirvana will always be regarded as one the greatest bands ever.
  • One of the greatest and most influential men in music

    Kurt was famous for being the lead singer and guitarist in Nirvana. He was a great singer and a songwriter. Nirvana changed music and got rid of all the rubbish around at the time. I have all of Nirvana's cds and I love them all and there all very different from each other, but great. He was amazing but crazy and completley messed up. He was also gorgeous too and he probably did not even realise. It annoys me when people like my mum, think of Kurt of a useless druggy when he was so much more then that. It's such a shame now that alot of msuic today has gone rubbish again. Rest in peace.
  • Kurt Cobain is one of the best, whose life ended far too short.

    Kurt Cobain was an amazing person. He was very talented, and as the frontman for Nirvana, he led a band that changed the face of rock and roll forever. Nirvana is one of my favorite bands, and I love the songs Smells Like Teen Spirit, The Man Who Sold The World, and Heart Shaped Box. When I was having some tough times, Smells Like Teen Spirt helped me through them. Nevermind and In Utero are both amazing albums. Nirvana and Kurt Cobain shaped Rock and punk music into the scene that it is today. Without them, our world may be quite different. April 8th 1994 was a day that the world lost one of its most talented individuals... far too soon. Kurt Cobain should never be forgotten.
  • This individual was unique

    So I got into Nirvana when I was 12 after seeing the smells like teen spirit video. And I fell in love. To me Kurt Cobain was am dude that really revolutionized music in the 90's and on. These days I think if you ask members of different bands who is the one of many persons to inspire you? Kurt Cobain, and Nirvana would come up. His lyrics and songs were literary one of a kind. Some say simple music, but yet powerful no doubt. This is my favorite band of all time, and proud to say that. There's just something that was and is great and beautiful about Nirvana. They were just great.
  • Simply a guy that came to this world to make a difference.

    Kurt Cobain was really one of the greatest man in the world. What he brought to the humanity, hardly it will be improved by someone.
    Kurt is a great inspiration to me to take the decision to become a musician. His dirty notes on the guitar, his screaming voices, all his job just to say that you can do everything you want, always that is simple and sincere. They say he killed himself, this could be a point against him, nevertheless, there are versions that actually he was murdered, his wife was a real b!tch, she was just like Yoko Ono with the beatles.
    Now, it's so sad that his daughter, Francis Bean Cobain, doesn't appreciate the father she had, she's a sissy girl that likes american Idol, and nirvana doesn't mean anything for her. Cobain must be dying in his grave once again, because he really loved her, that's why it is possible that Kurt didn't commit suicide, because in his Francis he had a reason to live...

    Farewell, Kurt Cobain, we'll always remember you, even with the crap that sounds this days on eMpTV.

    Grunge Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "what else could I say? everyone is gay............"
  • The best of all times!!!

    Kurt Cobain was on the most talented artistes of all times! I was (still) a HUGE fan of Nirvana, and Kurt!!
    His death was a tragedy, I still remember watching the news on TV, I still remember MTV playing Nirvana's songs all day long, a tribute for Kurt Cobain!!
    Even though he's not here anymore, in our hearts he will always be!
    My fave song is Come as you are! I even have it as a ringtone on my phone :)
    I love Nirvana, I always have, and I always will!
    One of the best bands ever.
    Kurt Cobain we will never forget you.
    Rest in peace...
  • Kurt Cobain was one of the most influential artists in the 80s and 90s with his band Nirvana.

    I absolutely love this guy. I love how he played music, i love the music he played, i love the relectant celebrity that he was. He never really like having fans. He wrote songs about rebellion, some love but the one i remember most is "polly" i think it is really sick how he wrote that song about how wrong rape is and then some freaks sing that as they rape a girl. Nirvana wanted to be taken seriously and not mocked. I honestly do NOT think that his death was a suicide. I believe he was murdered, i dont know but whom but there is sufficient evidence to say that he incapable to kill him self. I am not the only one either!

    "Peace, love, Empathy"
  • Nirvana is the best band ever! Nevermind is an awsum CD!

    Nirvana is my favorite band. If it weren\\\'t for them, grunge would have never become a famous style of music and punk would probably not return. They are truly the best band of the 90\\\'s and they are much beter than all that emo stuff people listen to nowadays. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Kurt Cobain was a genius songwriter and genius musician who was able to bring "grunge" music to an era that was filled with pop show tunes, and over the top corporate owned rock and roll. It's a shame that such a genius is dead.

    Kurt Cobain was probably our generation's rock icon. He was a genius songwriter and a great musician and had probably one of the most distinctive voices I have ever heard. I'm happy that Nirvana was able to bring something different, then what was going on during that era. To me the 90's would probably be the worse era of music, because everyone during that era was very "flashy" and into creating lame pop hits. I mean Michael Jackson, Madonna, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, and later during that decade Britney Spears? Kurt Cobain's band Nirvana was able to bring soething different to the table, and he was able to create a new style of music. People always talk about Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur but they seem to all forget about him, and he was more original then Tupac and B.I.G. Nirvana won't go down as the greatest band of all time, but it sure deserves to be one of the best. Kurt Cobain was our generation's John Lennon, and it was a shame that he died. R.I.P Kurt Cobain.
  • Kurt Cobain, one of the best songwriters and influential band leaders of the 20th century.

    Some of you may say that I'm overrating Kurt Cobain, but what can I say, Nirvana is one of my favorite bands of all time and I consider Kurt a genious because of his passion when he sang and his great songwritting, which is quiet impressive considering that he was like on 100 different types of drugs. Nirvana's debut album "Bleach" was one of the starters of the Seatlle rock style, known as grunge, so even though this is my least favorite Nirvana album it's still worth listening to. My personnel favorites of it are School and About A Girl. After the impact created by "Bleach", Nirvana took a little time off the studio and hit the road on a few tours. But just three years after they made what is considered one of the greatest albums ever by some, and the one of the most overrated albums by others. "Nevermind" really was the album that gave Nirvana the name of one of the best at it's time. All songs have their own meaning in the album, so there are no best songs, but my favorites are Come As You Are, Lithium, In Bloom and Something In The Way. Then, in 1992 Nirvana and DGC released an album called "Incesticid" wich is an album with rare songs of nirvana, but I'll warn you, if you want to get started in Nirvana this is probably not the best album to get started on, but it's still a great album for hardcore fans and to some "casual" listeners.
    Later in 1993, Nirvana released "In Utero" wich is my favorite Nirvana album, ever song is a masterpiece, but of all my favorites are Serve The Servents, Heart Shaped-Box>, Rape Me, Dumb and All Apolagies. On the 5th of April,1994 Cobain was found dead in his house. Apparently Kurt had an heroin overdose, that is believed it was proposely did, wich in other words means that Cobain commited suicied. It pisses me off so much, that a taleted guy like him ended his life, when he could have continued living and writing so many other great songs. R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
  • kurt cobain was the most amazing musical genius ever!!

    ilove kdc sooooo much.any one who has interest in him should read the book heavier than heaven its amazing just like kurt was. He did what he did for a reason and because most people in the world suck hes gone.I am so sick of hearing that he was a mindless druggie. he was so not mindless. he was amazing. its people like that that helped destroy him as a man.
  • Kurt the best rockstar of all time!!

    Kurt was the best rock star of all time!! Although he had his flaws he made them his! he will always be remembered forever! and he gave Nirvana their edge! His biography "Heavier Than Heaven" is the best book ever! he will live on in the memories of everyone as long as there is time!!
  • One of the most brilliant/disturbed/confused/ medically insane the world has ever known.

    The best word to discribe this man would be, genius. His uncanny music talent brought Nirvana to the forefront of the music industry in the early 90's. Kurt became the spokeperson for Generation X, something which brought great presure to him. In the end the pressure was too much for him, and he decided to go into hiding. What exactly happened to Kurt during that time, will more than likely always remain a mystery. All that we know is that he died. How exactly, it could of been a sucided, or it could of been a murder, we will never know.
    Kurt, with the help of his bandmates, Chris, Dave, Chad, (and all the other ones who were ever in the band) gave this world some truely great music that seems almost timeless. I have no doubt in my mind that kids will be listening to Nirvana for a long to come.
  • he commited sucicde in 1994 april. he was a member in the famous band nirvana. he was a guitarist and a singer.

    i think kurt should go down in music history and should be known as a legend. one of the best guitarist in the world.
    i wish he never took drugs and alchol.
    he was tremendiss and fabulous. there will never be any one as good as he is.

    i think hes the best front man in the world.
  • His death is a shame, and he was THE most talented artist I have ever seen.

    Kurt Cobain is one of my idols...musically of course. He was a musical genius and has inspired so many others to pick up a guitar. I own 4 of Nirvana's CDs and he has written so many amazing songs, I couldn't even count them. Anyone who had a problem with him, has a problem with the entire grunge music era.
  • Wow dude

    He was very origainal. he may not have been the greatest musician but still was one of the most influential people of all time. He created some of the greatest songs of all time. Nirvana was the best band of the 90\'s and better then nething in the 00\'s. I cant call them the best band of the 80\'s tho. there are some great bands from the 80\'s. im getting off topic. Kurt was great and it was a horrible loss
  • There is no explaining how influential Kurt was on the Rock and Roll Scene.

    Kurt Cobain was the lead singer for one of the most influential bands in rock ever! There is no explaining the impact and the amazing songs he left behind. He "commited suicide" on April 5th 2005. I believe differently . I think that either Courtney Love killed him herself or she hired a hit man. I am so deeply moved by Kurt's lyrics in all his song for he was a true genius. He will never be forgotten and will always be one of the most influential musicians around. Kurt in my mind is a legend. Nothing but a legend!