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  • Kurt Russell is the most awesome actor!!

    I have been watching Kurt Russell movies for years. Even when he was a young boy. He got more hansome as the years went by! And he still is! Kurt is awesome in his movies. He deserves everything wonderful that life throws at him! He is good at what he does. I think he could play any role, and be wonderful at it! I hope Kurt doesn't retire any time too soon! I would love to see more of him. Maybe more shows with Goldie and him together! He is just gorgeous from head to toe! I think Goldie is wonderful too! So they are both blessed! With their children and grandchildren too!
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    Good actor, and I think that he is one of the best we have around. He has done some good films, such as Soldier or Poseidon, and simply I think that he is one of the best actors around, he is really something original and he is one of the best actors around, he is so cool!
  • He is a talened actor. But not enough movies hes made to interest me. my favorite movie that he made is soldier it is a great film. Some people might think its garbage but i think starwars is garbage.

    The movie Soldier is an interesting movie that he made. I loved the way he was in it and who he was in it. It wasnt to interesting that it was in the future type of movie but either way it was a great movie to watch. I wish he made more movies bout action or something related to action movies.
  • Beautiful job in "Dreamer"

    Kurt Russell has loved acting since his early days in "Toby Tyler" . He is authentic in every film he does. I really loved his character's transition in "Dreamer" from bitter, hopeless and closed off to being open, hopeful and a loving caring involved father and husband. The subtleties of relationship in this film were great.