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  • Kurtwood Smith

    Kurtwood Smith,
    Kurtwood Smith to me rose more to fame than ever staring in the loved sictom That 70's show. To me he was 100% perfect for that role. Didn't notise he was in the huge film Deep Impact. Sadley in a small role. Love to see more of him in the future.
  • That 70s Show

    One of my favorite characters in any sitcom, as he portrays very means characters who instruct rule. The most famous role he plays is in the TV show that goes by the name of That 70s Show. In the show he plays the father of the main character, who is named Eric
  • Ya Dumbass... Kurtwood is awesome!

    This guy is a great actor!!! I mean, he did the perfect job portraying Eric Forman\'s dad and I have seen him in other flicks and always does a hell of a good job in them! Sometimes, I miss the good old days when \"70s\" would be the thing I waited for every season on Fox... anyway, changing the subject here... this guy deserves lots of recognition! Keep up the great acting, Kurtwood!
  • As Red Forman, he was a dad's dad.

    Kurtwood Smith has acted in many things, although most of what I've seen him in has been movies, and That 70s Show. He tends to play the same type of character, particularly in the movies; he's the tough guy, maybe on the wrong side of the law, and always ready to kick some butt to get what he wants.

    As Red Forman in That 70s Show, he was basically playing that same character again. He was the tough dad, but underneath it all, he cared, but he was still more than willing to kick some butt to get what he wanted.

    He plays the character well, and he was really great as Red Forman; I'd like to see him in a different type of role though.