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    • Kurtwood Smith: What I should say, in regard to that... They sent me a script, and for me, that's always where it starts. I read the script. I thought it was fresh, and I responded very well to the character. So then it was just a question of meeting with David and talking with him. To get involved in projects like this, one thing that you want to be careful of is that you have some basis. That's why the script is so important. As far as you know, it's not really going to change much. They might tell you that it will, but you can't believe them because you don't really know these people. So you have to start with the script. Second, you want to have some feeling that the person whom you're going to be working with, entrusting yourself to, your career to, has some idea of what he wants to do. Not only has written something, as in this case, but that he's going in a direction that you understand and feel comfortable with. That certainly seemed to be the case. Plus, he seemed like a nice guy. (audience laughter)