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    • Kurtwood: Well, you know, there again... To a certain extent, sure it's a relief to know that if something comes along that I want to do, I can do it. But I don't find leaving the show to be a relief. It was great fun. It was one of those situations where... I have friends of mine who have been on shows, they get involved, and they hate them. They go through it because of the money. But, especially in a situation comedy, the job is so relatively easy once you get it down, in terms of a schedule... It's such a positive life schedule. One of the guys on the show was joking yesterday, "You know, you work a good 24 hours per week on that show." That's really about it. We were putting in about 24 hours per week. With all the days off, I mean... It was ridiculous. And at the same time, we're working with really nice people. We worked together for a long time. There were things that you could do, and they would work, and it was easy. It was a situation that everyone dreamed of. So I hated to see it go. I really did. If I had not gotten along so well with some of the people on the show, it would have been a different story. But in this case, it was great. But sure, it will be fun to look around.