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    • Kurtwood: Well, we did. We did this film in 13 days, mind you. And 13 days is not very long for a feature film. Nobody in their right mind would argue that. Nobody in their right mind would do that. Yeah, David's originally a playwright. This was originally a play. It's called a dialogue. There was no way to work the kind of schedule that we were going to work without being on top of what we're doing from the beginning. I'm also somebody who came from the theater - in this area, actually, I did a lot of theater around here. So I believe in doing what the writer wrote, as opposed to rewriting the dialogue to suit myself. So it was important to me to go into production on top of my lines. In "That 70s Show," you just don't bother learning your lines. By the end of the week, you know the lines. They were sticklers for what you did, but you didn't have to go through the process of learning them. You would just assimilate them during the week. But on this movie, I had to have someone come over to drill me on the lines. So when we started, yes, I knew all my dialogue for the entire film. That was the only way it was going to work, and it did.