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    • Kurtwood: Not all of them but some of them. That character really grew in the filming process. I was really happy to do that part. They didn't pay me…. It was like TV money. But I didn't care cause it was a fun part and then I found out who Verhoeven was after I accepted the part and was going to have lunch with him. I asked Belle to find out what he had done and rented three of his movies and went WHOA! This is gonna be an interesting movie. I could tell while we were doing it and by watching the dailies that it was going to be a good action film, was pretty sure it would be a successful film, but I didn't really know how interesting a movie it was because I didn't see the other parts being shot. I didn't realize the sense of humor of the film until it was all put together. And also a lot of the stuff Peter did made it deeper film then the comic book that it read as.