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  • First time user of this site

    I just wanted to say that the rating should be a 10 star, this is my first time using this site! Thank you again Kyan, it was really nice of you to let me take a picture with you. I wanted to tell you that I had a calendar of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy at my desk in 2004...the show was awesome. In Sedona, the waitress where you had breakfast said that you walked in good looking and you walked out good looking!!!!! Looking foward to seeing you on tv in anything that you may do. Thanks again,
  • Handsome of the Queer Eye bunch!

    I think that Kyan is really handsome and the hearthrob of the bunch as I think everybody thinks that he is. As I hope that he will stay longer in the public spotlight now that Queer Eye is about to end. Or has already ended. As I think that he is definately got a career not just for his good and handsome looks. But for his charisma and really seems to know what he is doing in grooming and all of that. As I think he has gotten a log career ahead of him. Here's hoping for a great career that wil not be ending after Queer Eye!
  • I'm writing this because I think that Kyan Douglas deserves some kind of recognition from fans online who appreciate him and his work on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

    I do love all of the guys and think they are special and unique in their own way but there is just that little SOMETHING Kyan Douglas has that the other guys don\\\'t. It\\\'s not just his looks, it\\\'s his outward demeanor...he seems like a very private person but on the show, you do see little glimpses of a very sensitive and spiritual individual with a very gentle soul and a giving heart. I have his book \\\"Beautified\\\" as well and it not only focuses on the beauty that\\\'s visible outside but also the internal which he also stresses is just as important if not more so...

    Haven't found many who can discuss him or what he does on the show at length and that has been a little disappointing. Some people seem to come away with the idea that he is very gracious but somewhat shy and reserved. Some have taken that the wrong way and find him to be very cold and aloof.

    I hope to find others that feel the way about Kyan as I do...that\\\'s he\\\'s just a humble guy trying to do a job and he\\\'s just grateful for the opportunity to help as many people as he can...