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  • Trivia

    • In 2007, after Queer Eye ended, Kyan moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

    • In 2004 Kyan published his first book, a women's beauty guide titled Beautified.

    • Kyan's legal birth name is Hugh Edward, but he was always known as 'Eddie' growing up (his father, who has the same name, goes by 'Ed'). He changed his name to Kyan, which he describes as a "spiritual name," when he was in his twenties. Everyone, including his family, calls him Kyan.

    • In 2005 Kyan started training to become a qualified instructor of Kundalini yoga.

    • Kyan owns a dog, a French Bulldog named Louis. Louis was featured on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in 2006 when a very young puppy; the zoo keeper being made-over gave Kyan puppy grooming tips.

    • Kyan gained a degree in communications from Loyola University New Orleans, graduating in 1999. He previously studied Philosophy at Brookhaven Community College in Dallas, Texas.

    • Kyan stands 5'10 tall.

    • When Kyan landed the job on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy he was working as a colorist at the upscale Arrojo Studio in Soho. A client had heard about a new makeover show that was looking for a grooming person, and recommended he go after it.

    • Kyan gained his certification in cosmetology from the Aveda Institute.
      He first moved to New York in 1999 to work for Aveda, starting out on the shop floor and progressing to help open the Aveda Institute, which he then enrolled in. He graduated at the top of his class.

    • Before starting work on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Kyan worked as a colorist on several TV shows, including What Not To Wear and While You Were Out, and magazines, such as Child Magazine.

  • Quotes

    • Kyan: Early on in my life I had made a pact with myself that regardless of what [others] had in mind for me, I would always follow my bliss.

    • Kyan on being a role model: I'm very proud to be a gay American human being. I feel very honored to be able to do what I do, being a gay man. I've tried to take tthe opportunity to be as positive a person as I can be, as positive role model as I can be. But I've always been active in the gay community and have always gathered my strength from the gay community.

    • Kyan: I don't ever apologize for who I am because then I let someone else decide who I am.

    • Kyan: We all have our paths in life we are supposed to follow to find who we are supposed to be, but it's not always a straight path. There is something inside of us that guides us, and if you are quiet and listen to it, you'll be all right.

    • Kyan on Queer Eye: I feel this opportunity is a real blessing and a gift. I do what I can to share the blessing. I love this job and it's very fulfilling.

    • Kyan on gay marriage: I think that absolutely, without the shadow of a doubt, gay people have a right to be married; have a right to have their relationships counted and validated. They already do count and they already are validated, that's a fact. And we live in a country where there are laws and systems and I think that our relationships need to be integrated into those. We shouldn't wait for Straight America to validate our relationships before we behave as if they're validated. In other words, if you're in a relationship and you feel like you're with your life partner, you should just behave and act like you're married. I think that's a very important thing we can do for ourselves … to sort of heal ourselves.

    • Kyan on his spirituality: Ever since I was young, I was always interested in exploring spirituality. I know that there are many paths to God, there is not just one path.

    • Kyan on being a gay Catholic: If you're gay and you feel in your heart that you are a Catholic and that is how you need to worship God, then you just go on and do it. Don't let anybody tell you that you aren't welcome, and don't let anyone take your church away from you because it's not their church, it's your church.