Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch


5/2/1985, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Birth Name

Kyle Thomas Busch


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He raced at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway growing up. He's the younger brother of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch.


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  • Kyle is only in his second season as a NASCAR Nextel driver, but already I can't stand him.

    Kyle Busch. What can I say about this NASCAR driver? Well, after about a season and a half of watching him "race" on the Nextel Circuit, I can see that there is nothing special about his racing skills, he only finds himself at the right place at the right time to bump someone out of the race in order to win.

    Through the course of the various races I have seen him in on television, the only thing that I see Kyle most talented at is causing accidents or being involved in accidents and ultimately throwing little hissy fits for being taken out of races when his car is beyond repair for any particular race.

    Another thing about Kyle that I don't like about is how, at so many times that I lost count, he appears on the race track as a driver who has never been behind a wheel of a car (racecar or otherwise). After viewing these examples, it makes me think that the young man should have taken driving lessons before going out on a racetrack and potientally harming the lives of the other drivers on the track.

    In all, I could go on and state more reasons why I don't like Kyle Busch, but the points that I made in the previous paragraphs are good examples as to why he is one untalented race car driver.moreless