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    Kyle Chandler Fans!

    Here are some guidelines to help you when you're making submissions to the guide. I will be adding more guidelines this week, so check back soon!


    • You must provide a source for all quotes. This is done to ensure that the quote did not come from an interview that was copyright to a newspaper, magazine, website, or the interviewer. Copyrighted quotes cannot be used. If a quote cannot be verified, it cannot be accepted. Fan sites cannot be used as the only source, unless they state where the original quote came from, because often anyone can submit a quote and it may be false or incorrect.
    • All quotes must be word for word accurate and properly formatted.
    • Quotes can only be from Kyle Chandler, not from any of the characters he has played. Those quotes should be submitted to the show in which he appeared.
    • Do not take all of the quotes from any interview. While most interviewers do not mind if someone uses one or two of their quotes, quoting an entire interview is considered stealing.
    • Although Kyle Chandler has many quotable moments, personal quotes are limited to ten to fifteen for the guide. This is because too many quotes bog down a guide and it makes it difficult for others to read through. Therefore, quotes must be something that is unique and special to Kyle, something that will be interesting to both his fans and the new users who want to learn more about him.
    • A quote will be rejected if a similar quote is already in the guide, so please read though the quotes before submitting.

    Flooding/mass submissions are not allowed.

    Thanks for reading!
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