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    [1]Feb 14, 2008
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    Coach Eric Taylor (The character Kyle Chandler plays on "Friday Night Lights") has been nominated for "Best TV Dad" in a poll sponsored by NBC's upcoming series My Dad is Better than Your Dad. Right now he has 10% of the votes, but he has some stiff competition. is letting you vote as many times as you want, so get over to the link below and vote away!

    Go Kyle!;img;0&om_act=convert&om_clk=gumballs
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    Damn, some of you Kyle Chandler fans are hardcore. I've been voting for him daily in this poll since it started. For the past week he has been virtually static, granted most of the other entries have been as well. I guess since the poll moved from the front page to the wilderness lands of the site things have slowed down.

    Anyway, in the past 24 hours Kyle has shot up and is giving everyone a run for their money. Some fans must have very sore fingers at the moment, clicking multiple times to get his numbers up. Hopefully we can give Kyle a lead and a win before the vote ends. Whenever that may be.

    Go Kyle!

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