Kyle Chavarria

Kyle Chavarria


1/26/1995, Chicago (Il), USA

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Kyle Chavarria


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Kyle Chavarria was born on January 26th, 1995 in Chicago, IL. At the age of five, her and her family realized that she was meant to be an actress. She has been in many commercials, but her big break came from getting the role of Laura Ingalls on…more


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    • Kyle Chavarria: Filming Little House was an experience I will never forget. I thank God all the time for giving me the opportunity to play such a well-loved character. I really felt like Laura Ingalls, and knowing what she went through as she crossed all those states during the coldest months in a wagon! I loved being in another country with new and friendly people, who made my job so much fun. I really miss everything about the making of Little House on the Prairie. I'm so excited for it to air and for all the fans to see and and fall in love all over again with such a wonderful story.

    • Kyle Chavarria: Since my brothers and I all act, it leaves very little time for anything else, but my mom believes in making us well rounded. All All three of us play sports and are involved with scouting. Sports are my favorite thing to do, especially soccer.

    • Kyle Chavarria: I was in first grade when I discovered the Little House series since my teacher, Mrs. Foster, had a copy in the classroom, and I loved it so much that I kept the book throughout the summer. My mom bought me my very own copy, which made it easier to give back. My mom also loved the series and thought how cool that her daughter was playing Laura, whom she adored as a kid herself. My favorite character is Laura, since I can relate most to her, she was a tomboy just like me. My mom bought the entire first series for me on DVD, and I can't stop watching them. I also love Carrie because she's so cute, and I love little kids!

  • Good job Kyle!

    First of all I want to say good job Kyle! My favorite show in the world is Ghost Whisperer and I have seen every episode. Kyle was in the first and second season finale's and I think she did a great job playing Kristen. During the second seasone finale she did a great job showing her emotion during the part when she had to look at the lifeless melidna, I was practically crying when she said that this was her vision and she was sorry. And then in the first season when she had to talk about almost dieing, I wanted to go into the screen and make her feel better. It takes real talent to make the audience feel the characters feelings, and Kyle did a wonderful job in doing just that. I give her two thubs up!moreless