Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert


6/14/1969, Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Kyle lived in Dallas, Texas all his life. He has worked in nationally syndicated radio since 1992 as a DJ, writer, producer, and voice actor on various on-air features, commercials, and projects. He began voiceover in anime dubbing with Funimation in 2000 and have been a regular cast…more


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  • He is a very good voice actor.

    Kyle Hebert is a very good voice actor and I enjoy listening to his various roles. I guess I first heard him as the adult Gohan in the Cartoon Network (Toonami) anime Dragonball Z. I really enjoyed his voice acting as Gohan. Then I suppose I heard him as Kiba in Naruto, another Cartoon Network (Toonami) anime. I really like the character he gives to Kiba. He plays him very well, giving him the sneer, confident attitude. He can also make Kiba caring, kind, and nice. (I.e. The final rounds of the chuunin exams when Hinata starts coughing up blood.) I've heard some of Kyle's other voice actings, but those are the 2 that I think of when I think of him. Nonetheless, he really is a great voice actor.moreless
  • he was great as gohan from dragon ballz and hes good with kiba on naruto

    he has such a talented voice his voice is very young and talented love him he is so talented and charming om my god oh my god oh my god i love him i great guy nothing left to say so i give this guy a 10.0 out of 10.0