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  • You rocked in B in Apt. 23

    I just saw the Jan 15th 2013 episode and immediately had to find our you name and look you up. You are indescribably cute and hot. So unassumingly handsome, natural and warm. Thanks!!! -Erik
  • kyle is one in a million

    Kyle Howard is a very excellent actor, especially in Baby Geniuses (the only movie I have seen him in, unless he was the star of The Paper Bergade.) He played a kid who kept dressing according to the new phad that was out at the time. He didn't really have a big part, thoguh, but he is kinda hot! In one scene, he overhears the babies practicing mind games, and the scene is quite humurous. I must say, Kyle does a good job being hypnotized. Even though the babies don't see him, he is still under their control (he was spying through the door, watching the babies, and the babies talked about how older kids can still understand babies in their subconscience, and as they chant the phrase 'you are in my power, you will obey my commands' over and over again, they don't notice Kyle falling under their hypnotic control.) After a moment of Kyle looking disoriented, he slowly stands up, his jaw hanging down leaving his mouth ajar, his eyes have a glazed look on them, his face is basically neutral. He is standing behind the door, unbeknownst to the babies, where he was listening to them, his shoulders sagging a little, his hands hanging wearily at his sides, his legs looking like the could collapse at any moment. He is now completely under the babies'hypnotic control. The babies, who begin playing, scream out various phrases that affect Kyle, even though they do not know he's there. One baby says 'raise your arm'. Out in the hall, Kyle, still in the hypnotic trance, overhears this and subsequently raises his hand up, but he is still weary, and his arm and fingers look kind of droopy. Another baby yells 'stick out your tongue'. Kyle, still slack-jawed, lets his tongue slide out of his mouth; still holding up his hand. Another baby shouts 'now wiggle it around'. Kyle begins shaking his head, letting his tongue slide around as it hangs down. His eyes remain fixed and unblinking, his body sagging. Another baby screams 'pick your nose'. Kyle obeys and begins picking his nose. It is quite a humurous sight: Kyle is pactically hunched over in the middle of the hallway, one hand raised to the height of his head, his other hand picking his nose. He is still slowly wiggling his head and letting his tongue hang out like an animal. After about a half an hour, a lady tells Kle to 'hop to it'. It appears that Kyle can be controlled by anyone now, and, still repeating the previous actions in the forementioned pose, Kyle literally begins hopping down the hall. We are never told if Kyle is released from the babies' control, as he only makes a brief appearance in the end, and he might still be deep within a hypnotic trance in Baby Geniuses 2.
    I'm not sure how old Kyle was when he acted in this movie. Pictures of him when he is younger and he appeared in other movies put him as 15, and newer pictures where he cut his hair depict him as being 22. Pictures of him that look remarkably like his appearance in Baby Geniuses suggest that he's either preparing to or recently started college, and screencaps of him being hypnotized in Baby Geniuses 1 are found all over the internet, and the sites are mostly teen idol sites. This would mean Kyle was a teen at the time of filming, but no actual age is ever given. On average, I would assume that Kyle was about 18 or 19 when he acted in the first Baby Geniuses, and about 20 or 21 in Baby Geniuses 2. But either way, Kyle diserves his own show (if not a romantic drama on the WB, then a comedic show on FOX. Or he cold guest star in several shows on Disney Channel at least.) Nevertheless, Kyle is a great teen actor (and apparently has been acted between his youngest appearance at 14 to his present age of 22.) He hasn't been in much recently, but should definetley be in something soon!