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    • Kyle: I've done way too many pilots and way too many shows that have been canceled to have any kind of expectations anymore. So I just trained myself in a way to go onto new jobs and do the best that I can and then realize that after that, there's a certain amount of stuff that's just entirely out of my control, and I have to let things happen the way they're going to. With this one, I think there was a little bit of a different vibe because it was TBS, and when we started the show, it was just us and one other show that they have, which is called 10 Items or Less, and it was their first go at original programming. So I think maybe for all of us there was a little bit more of an expectation to at least be given a chance, because they didn't have anything waiting in the wings to take over if we failed like all of the other networks always do. And it's so easy for them to pull things when they're not doing well and replace them with something else, so I think we felt a little safer in that sense.