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    • Kyle Labine:(On his role in "Freddy vs. Jason") My character is the one that is described as 'the pothead.' But he's a lot more fun than the average pothead, even though your average pothead is fun. He's a good kid, just misunderstood (laughing).

    • Kyle Labine:(On his scene in "Freddy vs. Jason" where he is possessed by the killer) Since I had to move like Freddy does, I worked with Robert Englund to get the swagger and his other mannerisms down. The main thing I had to learn was the whole gunslinger stance he has, that three-quarters look he gives to the camera. I also had to remember that, because of the blades he carries on those fingers, it would be heavier and harder to carry.

    • Kyle Labine:(About his film "Freddy vs. Jason") There are two titans going at it. It's like a battle of horror gods. It's beyond anything that's ever happened before. And also, I think the script was really amazing. I think it was really good. What sets this apart is that there's a little bit more to it. You're not sure what's going to happen. There's kind of a standard routine for most horror films, but now it's not one indestructible force knocking down children one after another, it's these two guys going after each other and you don't know who is going to win. It makes it interesting.

    • Kyle Labine:(About his character in "Freddy vs. Jason) He's similar to me because obviously you put some of yourself into a character so he's got that, but he's unlike me in that he's a pothead.

    • Kyle Labine:(When asked if he was going insane) I don't know. That's the thing about being insane, you have no idea. If you're really insane you have no concept of how insane you are. That's what scares me. Right now, I could be sitting in a chair somewhere rocking back and forth in front of a window, and I could be dreaming about being on the red carpet. It could be like a Matrix thing.

    • Kyle Labine: Freddy vs. Jason was going to be my swan song for awhile. But now I'm in another acting program that will allow me the time to continue to work. So I guess things turn out the way they were meant to be.

    • Kyle Labine:(On his character in "Freddy vs.Jason" being called a pothead) I guess that's the best way to describe him,' Labine says. 'But I didn't want to make that all there is to him. He does get wasted, but he still has it fairly together in some ways. He's not an idiot who is constantly thinking about fast food. I didn't want him to be just another character from movies like Dazed and Confused and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Once I knew what I wanted for the role, it kind of came naturally. It wasn't a matter of mimicking anybody, but of finding that character and being true to him.

    • Kyle Labine:(On his audition for "Freddy vs. Jason) I decided that, since I was going to take two full years off, I might as well go balls-out for the audition. When I found out I got the part of Freeburg, I had to cancel my deposit for the theater program.

    • Kyle Labine: My parents saw that I was kind of outgoing and expressive and thought acting might be a way to put a few bucks away for college.