Kyle Lowder





8/27/1980 , St. Louis, Missouri

Birth Name

Kyle Brandon Lowder




Kyle was born in St. Louis, Missouri and was raised in Pleasantville, New York. There, he lived with his mother Susan, father Craig (who is the Director of Communications at IBM), and his 2 younger brothers, Travis and Cameron. Kyle confesses that he is very close to his three grandparents and has an A+ relationship with Susan and Craig.

Kyle Lowder is a terrific athlete as well as actor. In high school, Kyle was on the All-State Track & Field team, the quarterback of the football team, and held a sumemr job as a life guard.

Athlete. Actor. What else? Add singer to Kyle's list of talents. Kyle Lowder has had 6 years of classical training and was in the All New York State choir in high school. Kyle also received voice lessons at Syracuse University, where he briefly attended before moving to Los Angeles.

Kyle moved to Los Angeles early in 2000 from Pleasantville, New York. After settling into Los Angeles he immediatly grabbed modeling jobs with Abercrombie & Fitch, and Speedo. Kyle often jokes that he was lucky as an actor, he didn't have to work as a waiter.

Kyle Lowder isn't a stranger to world of acting. He won the lead roles in Kiss Me Kate and Camelot at his performing arts highschool. With his previous acting and modeling experience, Kyle auditioned for the Days of our Lives character, Brady Black. Kyle admits he had never seen an episode until he began auditioning. Kyle received his TV acting debut as Brady Black, son of Isabella and John Black, only 5 months after arriving to Los Angeles.

Overall, Kyle Lowder is an easy going guy who loves hanging out at the beach, going to the movies, working out, and watching the Back to the Future trilogy. Kyle loves Back to the Future and can recite every line. Kyle admits to having many friends and can be seen hanging out with Nadia Bjorlin on and off the set. Kyle is married to actress Ariane Zuker, whom he met while they were co-starring together on Days of our Lives. Kyle left Days of our Lives in 2005 and, after a short hiatus from television, joined The Bold and the Beautiful as Rick Forrester, debuting in January of 2007.