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  • Overated but...

    grows on you.Decent guy.
  • The Only reason Disney overuses him is because HE IS SO TALENTED!!!!!

    So, here we are, Kyle Massey. Mainly known for his role of Cory in "That's So Raven" and "Cory In The House". This talented human has been extremely good with the voice of Cory (Not to mention he was on Dancing with the stars), but he also makes a ROCKIN' good actor for MILO on Fish Hooks. So, that is the reason that Kyle Massey is overused. Because he's talented.

    10/10 A+ The best actor I've seen so far, but there's a lot more to come, but no matter what, Kyle Massey will always be a preserved legend.

    See You Next Time!
  • why does disney like kyle massey so much.

    this is pretty much a former disney channel has been.He was irratating in Cory in the House and he is now on fish Hooks and he just is annoying his acting sucks with that stupid voice his you think disney would have pulled the plug on him for good but no they have keep on making him a star he has less talent than Miley Cyrus and thats not saying much as they both are really bad actors.Kyle just really needs to be off tv for good we basicaily thought for while that he was washed up after cory in the house was cancelled.
  • Ugh.

    Kyle seems like an okay guy to hang out with - he seems fun. But did. You see. His rap. I felt like throwing a brick at my TV. He cannot rap. Besides that, he CANNOT act, he's not funny, and he's just plain unattractive and looks way too young for his age. I don't know how Cory in the House is lasting this long but if you ask me it's TOO long...That's So Raven - in, Cory in the House - definitely out. And since I need 100 words, let me once again restate that Kyle Massey is talentless! No offense?
  • Kyle Massey, the younger brother of Christopher Massey, was born in 1991 in Atlanta, GA. He is perhaps most famous for his role as Cory Baxter on "That's So Raven" and "Cory in the House".

    In my opinion, Kyle Massey dosen't recieve enough credit. Let me start off by saying how talented I think he is. Hmmm... he was probably about 10 when the pilot of "TSR" was filmed, but even then, he could act better than many talented adults. His acting has improved tremendously over the years. I've read that he is not that good at rapping. I think he's good, but I'm not into that kind of music, so I don't know what "good" really is. And I don't think Massey is fat, I think he is just naturally big (like many NFL stars are). Overall, I think that Kyle Massey is a talented actor that should be recognized more often in a positive way.
  • He's awesome!!

    Kyle Massey is most commonly known as Cory Baxter on That's So Raven and now Cory in the House. He is an amazing actor, very talented. He deserves more credit!! he's funny and does a good job on both shows. So far he's been doing a wonderful job being the main star of a show. Kyle is great!!
  • Kyle Massey is one of the greatest actors in the world. A score of 10 does not even come close to how great he is. He is cute, funny, smart, talented, and did I say cute.I'm truly his #1 fan 4 life.

    Kyle Massey is one of the greatest actors in the world. A score of 10 does not even come close to how great he is. He is cute, funny, smart, talented, and did I say cute.I'm truly his #1 fan 4 life.There is not one thing that he can do to be called a just average or an okay actor. He is SUPERB!!!!!!!!!! No one can match what he has does asan actor and I hope and pray to GOD that he is blessed to do what he does best ( Act. YOU GO BOY!!!!!!!!!) And like I said I am his nmber one fan for life.
  • Kyle Massey is a boy who is still fresh in his career. He has only starred on two shows.

    Kyle Massey is probably one of the funniest people I've ever watched on television. His role on That's so Raven was awesome. He has played that role ever since I can remember. Cory was just a young boy tring to make money and be cooler than his sister. Then, Cory and his dad have to pack up and move to Washingtom D.C. The president has asked his dad, Victor Baxter, to become his personal chef. Now Cory has to make new friends at his school. Newt and Meena are his first friends. His biggest challenge is becoming friends with Sophie, the president's daughter. This is one of my favorite characters of all time.
  • Kyle Massey is really fantastic!

    Yah! What a fantastic job he has done in that so raven and really I must say that he looking very very very much cute in the season one of that so raven but as the episode goes on he grows up. I like him in season one but really he is some one who is all time great in acting. He does a good entertaintainment of others. I really think that he should have been a bigger star. And in that so raven what I like about him is the way he annoys her sister (Raven) and he always keeps busy in finding some money. I mean he do a good comedy and makes the people to laugh. I like his acting!!!
  • Okay so he's an decent actor.

    What got him his start was being on That So Raven an hit tv show on disney channel. Then since the show is soon to be over he started his own show thats a continuous show That So Raven called Cory In The House. Both decents shows. Haven't seen him in any movies except disney channel related which was life is ruff. He likes to rap but hes not the best rapper. He sung a song for the disney channel movie life is ruff. Also the theme song song and i kinda like it, it has a good beat to it.
  • Kyle Massey is a good actor.

    Kyle Massey is a great actor. He was good in That's So Raven and he is doing well in Cory in the House. He is very good at acting out the scenes.Some say his voice is annoying, but in my opinion, I don't have a problem about it. His voice is good for the character he does in American Dragon Jake Long. I beleive he has a future in Cory in the House. He is doing exceptionally well in that show. He sounds the way he looks. Kyle has a great talent and hopefully we will see him in more shows.
  • Kyle is a Great Actor!

    Kyle Massey was born on August 28, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is really talented in my opinion. He is known for his role on That's So Raven playing Cory Baxter, Raven's little brother who loves girls and love money. After the show reached it's 100th episode, Kyle got his own show called Cory in the House, which is a spinoff of That's So Raven. The show takes place at the White House in D.C. He does great in both shows. Kyle's older brother, Christopher is known for his role on Zoey 101. Kyle was also in the DCOM, Life is Ruff along woth Kay Panabaker and Mitchel Musso. Overall, Kyle is a very good actor and he does a great job in the acting business.
  • Out of the stars of today, Kyle is definately original.

    I would have to say that Kyle Massey is a very original actor in today's celebrity world. I love his role as Cory from That's So Raven and I'm glad that he now has his own show, Cory in the House inwhich he has to play the same character. I also liked him in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Life is Ruff. I think he is a very good actor and I think he put much effot in The Disney Channel Games of 2006. I am very happy that he is a Disney Channel Star and I hope that he will become even more famous in the future.
  • Kyle Massey is perfectly well the best of the best of Disney Channel actors. I think personally that he is majorly cool and also so the best actor ever.#1 Fan!!!!!!

    I love Kyle's ways of using expression on his face. That is what makes actors be the best they can be. Even though some people disagree I understand that people can be their own people in their own way. Would you love for Kyle Massey to have more than one job I agree with you. I am Kyle Massey's number one fan. If anyone think they can top me then try really hard It might be really hard

    ##############1111111111FAN FAN FAN FAN FAN FAN FAN
  • Kyle could be a great actor if he gets coached for a little while. He's good, but not great.

    Although I love his characters in That's so Raven and Life is Ruff, he could use a little help in saying his lines. Some of them are said like he was actually reading it off something in the audience. In my opinion, his brother Christopher is a little more talented. Maybe if he took a few classes for a year or so, he could be just as good as Raven. He has huge potential to become a big-time actor if he just puts more emotion into his lines. Even though I don't think he's one of the greatest actors, I still can't wait to see the premiere of Cory in the House! Keep up the good work Kyle!
  • Kyle is alright

    Kyle is an alright actor. Kyle starrs in That's so raven which is an ok show and he starrs in a movie called "life is ruff" which I think the movie was great. The first time I saw him on that's so raven he was so young with a squeaky voice, and now he's all grown up with a deep voice. Kyle Massey is 15 Years old he turned 15 on August.

    Not to be mean or anything but there are some better actors than kyle, I'm not saying that corey is bad but he can improve just a little bit.
  • Not bad, not amazing.

    Children watch kyle take his roles in Disney Channel. he starred in That's so raven as Croy Baxter, and you got to see him grow up through stage one of puberty- from squeky voice to deeper voice. He also starred in Life is Ruff as Calvin and participated in the DC games.

    Antoher regular DC kid, not that big of a star, but choldren like him. i don't really like him too much, but he's not a half bad actor. Not a good singer, though (you can hear him in Life Is ruff)

    this has been a Crunch87 person review. :0
  • Kyle Orlando Massey was born on August 28, 1991 in Atlanta, GA. He starred on "That's So Raven" as Raven's annoying little brother, Cory. His brother, Christopher Massey, stars on "Zoey 101".

    Kyle is really cool. He is a very talented actor. I think that he is really funny on That's So Raven. Also, just the WAY he says things makes me laugh. For example, on "Raven, Sydney, and the Man", when he went "What about. . .a Bro-Mitzvah?" cracked me up. I was falling over from laughing. Those kind of things make me do that, and Kyle can do that.

    Kyle is just a great actor.
  • Please stop the jealousy!!!

    This review is in response to several mean and judmental reviews about Kyle Massey, Victoria Justice, and other young and up and coming actors/actresses. I feel that no one has a right to sit back and judge these people. Its okay to not be fond of someone, only if you really know that person, it is however not okay to sit back, watch a person on television, and then feel that you have the right to make comments such as fat, ugly, annoying, spoiled,etc. and all the other mean, ugly, and hurtful things that have been said. Hello, youd dont know these people! and personally I think it takes an ugly person to say such ugly things. you are taking a character they play on t.v. and applying to their real life and personality. Hate is a strong word and shouldn\'t be taken lightly, and even though you claim to have such hate and animosity for these people you dedicated part of your day to writing about them.. smells like jelousy to me. Take a long look in the mirror before you decide to judge someone and ask yourself if you would like to be judged on a day to day basis, but most importantly, by people who don\'t even know you. So, as my mother use to say \"if you don\'t have anything nice to say...dont say anthing at all\".
  • Bad genes to get inherited

    I guess like is brother his acting skills are worse than his bro's squared to be exact. I am a huge fan of That's so Raven, but this kid ruins the show. He's lucky that the rest of the cast is strong, otherwise he would have been spotted as the weaklink more easily. We as viewers have suffered numerous seasons with this clown. My advice Disney Channel (Big fan) if you want to keep you reputation as the best network stop hiring these clowns.
  • Read Review

    I think Kyle is really funny. He is always hatching schemes to make money and although they hardly ever work it is funny to see him attempt these things.I personally think his best friend William is a geek but without his brains some of corys plans would never work. The strangest thing is he has plnty of money yet he always wants more.It is also funny the fact that he has security measures in his room like when his mum and dad take money for pizza and on a screen it says u have entered my room room room room that made me laugh for ages a very funny guy
  • Kyle is very talented and I think he is so hot.

    Kyle is very talented and I think he is so hot. He doesnt need to lose weight he is perfect the way he is. If you dont like him than why dont you stop watching his shows(or shows hes in) instead of talking trash about him. And you know what else, atleast he is on tv unlike you cause your not on tv.
  • Kyle Massey is underestemated and is an overall great actor. People hate him for the wrong reasons.

    When people say he need to lose pounds, I don't think he does. He looks like he does for a reason and shouldn't be changed. I think Kyle Massey has great talent and some people underestemate him because of his size. He isn't the best singer, but is a great actor. Before you hate him why don't you try acting on disneychannel or something.
  • Kyle Massey is Golden!

    Oh wow Kyle Massey is completly amazing, why would someone trash talk him like that? oh i dont know maybe because they are jelous!Why talk about someone like that without even knowing them... who wouldn\'t be jelous of Kyle? i mean come on he is an amazing actor and he is incredibly beautiful! Life is Ruff, probably one of the best movies ever is just so great kyle plays calvin really well , and cory on that\'s so raven is so funny!!!i love kyle massey!!!!!!
  • kyle massey isnt so bad.

    whats wrong with kyle massey. yea hes overweight and all but hes a good actor. he wouldnt be in movies and on tv if he was bad. yea his rap song sucks but hes young. his voice isnt good for it yet. dont be haters. go kyle massey! you rule.
  • I hate Kyle Massey so much

    I hate Kyle Massey so much! He is the worst actor I have ever seen. He is fat and ugly and should have never been allowed on T.V. But I guess since he is on a mediocer show like Thats So Raven, he is surrounded by lots of other losers. He thinks he is so cool, but in reality he is the biggest loser in the world!!! And, like all the other actors on Disney Channel, he sings, well raps, but the only rap I have ever heard him do was for his new (and lame) movie "Life is Ruff" which is about a dog that poops and stuff. BUt unlike Kyle Massey most of the other actor/singers on disney channel are actually good at acting and singing, but Kyle is doubly cursed at being a terrible actor and a terrible singer. Plus he is sooooooo ugly. Nothing he does on any show/movie he is in is not at all funny, and someone should take him out of Hollywood and just have him be on that "Celebrity Fit Club" because he needs to lose a few pounds. Well basically Kyle Massey isnt funny, isnt cute, definetly isnt thin, isnt a talented actor, isnt a talented singer, and should be hauled away (but they would probably need a U-Haul to haul away his fat butt).