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    • Kyle Petty: When you've lost a son, there's no price you can put on safety for the driver.

    • Kyle Petty: This time of year is like the reverse of Christmas. You automatically assume the worst of everyone and everyone's intentions.

    • Kyle Petty: Robbie has been a part of our family for a long time, and we're happy to have him come home.

    • Kyle Petty: I am a little wary about wearing this Gators jersey in Tennessee territory. I covered it with a coat walking in here so I didn't get shot or something.

    • Kyle Petty: Consistently running second or third gets you a championship every year in our series. That hasn't changed. You can talk about the Chase all you want, but . . . you're still going to get people who have a shot at the championship or are in the top 10 who haven't won races. There's nothing wrong with that.

    • Kyle Petty: It's a runaway. In 10 races, it can be close, but it also can be a blowout. And a blowout in the Chase is like watching San Francisco score four touchdowns against San Diego in the first 3½ of the Super Bowl. Nobody stayed for the second quarter.

    • Kyle Petty: What happens is the guys on the team hear what is going on, and it affects what they are doing. It can be a pretty big demoralizer. Sure, drivers come and go, but telling your crew that you'll be gone in 16-17 months can affect a lot of things between now and the time of your New Year's Eve party going into 2007.

    • Kyle Petty: Obviously, keeping secrets in this garage isn't particularly a tradition or anything. You have the three main methods of communication ... telephone, telegraph and tell somebody in the Cup garage. Still, it could be done.

    • Kyle Petty: The demand was really for the night race. You could always get tickets to the day race up here in the spring. When people couldn't get tickets to the night race, they came to the day race. TV did a lot for the night race. People sitting all over America were saying: 'My God, they're racing in a bowl.' They were used to Daytona and Charlotte. I think it's the curiosity as much as anything.

    • Kyle Petty: Having Tony's support has been huge for Victory Junction. He was one of the first drivers to get on board with us, and beyond the money he and his foundation have donated to the camp, he's brought notoriety, which has helped fuel interest in the camp. It's just one more example of how when we're on the track we're fierce competitors, but off the track we're all united in trying to improve the lives of others, especially children. I've always admired his charitable work and it's an honor to have him as a part of the Victory Junction family.

    • Kyle Petty: Anything can happen here at Bristol, and when it happens it happens quickly. That's why it's hard to avoid wrecks. We just don't have enough time to slow down or make a move around them. You have a car spin . . . it can collect three or four other guys and block the track.

    • Kyle Petty: This sponsorship allows us some friendly competition, which is always fun. We are especially grateful to Checkers for their donation to the Victory Junction Gang, our camp for terminally ill children. We look forward to racing the Checkers Gator car at Miami.

    • Kyle Petty: The issue we were not going to get into was like when we put ourselves into a box with John Andretti and Christian Fittipaldi a couple of years ago, ... We wanted to keep three teams but we didn't have a sponsor. We went out and hired a driver but we couldn't find a sponsor for the team ... but had to pay a driver for a couple of years that we didn't have a car for. We're not going to put ourselves in that position again.

    • Kyle Petty: He has talked to the 0 and he's probably going to go to the 0, ... I applaud that. I told him that when you're our age, the way everybody's looking for 19 year olds, if a car opens up, jump in it. Jeff said he didn't want to leave us high and dry, but I told him to protect himself.

    • Kyle Petty: We're excited about the prospects, but are we 100 percent set with the 45 car? ... No, we're not ... and that leaves us with the 43 Dodge, and the issues we have with Jeff Green, who has done a great job for us.

    • Kyle Petty: With these two working together, it'll take Petty Enterprises to another level, ... My job -- and it's been made clear to me by Robbie -- is to sit my butt in a race car and drive it and keep my mouth shut.

    • Kyle Petty: We had a great, great run, ... I can't really complain. We've struggled all year. To come here and have a good run was good for us.

    • Kyle Petty: I never thought I had to live up to Richard Petty, ... I never had to live up to anything but what I expected.

    • Kyle Petty: I like driving the 45, ... That's the car I want to quit racing in.

    • Kyle Petty: You know, that's a hard question. You can't say the sport expanded too quickly, because it didn't expand at all for 45 years. Was Japan a stretch for us, running an exhibition race there? Yeah, I think it was. Was Mexico a stretch? Hmmm ...

    • Kyle Petty: I look at it as smart growth. Smart marketing. Is there a case to be made that we're too many places and we're too many places too fast? There probably is. But at the same time, there's not a seat to be had in the house, and people are tuning in all over the country. So you can't argue against it, either.

    • Kyle Petty: I'm not sure anyone has ever done it there before.

    • Kyle Petty: This is the greatest marathon I've ever seen.

    • Kyle Petty: We've just got to start building some stuff to get better.

    • Kyle Petty: The loss of a child is totally different because it's contrary to nature, ... When it happens, you question everything you've ever known.

    • Kyle Petty: Why do I like racing? I was too lazy to work and too chicken to steal.

    • Kyle Petty: I had to be the only child in this country who ever called his father 'The King'.

    • Kyle Petty: It's a funny thing, because I thought the longer I went, the easier it would get. The truth is, the longer it goes, the harder it gets.

    • Kyle Petty: This sport is probably more competitive than any other professional sport, ... When you get behind on some things, getting caught up again is tough. We've struggled with things for a while, but we've never given up on making it better and getting back to running up front and winning races.