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  • Trivia

    • In March 2009, Kyle signed a lease on a bar in King's Cross in Sydney, Australia. Kyle joked that he made the purchase so he would have a nightclub that he wouldn't be thrown out of.

    • In October 2008, it was revealed that Kyle would co-host Big Brother from the 2008 season along with Jackie O. The pair replace Gretel Killeen who hosted the show for seven seasons.

    • Kyle's first job was at the age of 15, at a service station.

    • In August 2007, after hearing that comedian Dave Hughes had referred to him as a "d**khead", Kyle revealed he would be prepared to go to jail for three months - after he punch him in the throat.

    • Kyle was voted the "Worst Male TV Personality" in the 2007 Fugly Awards.

    • Kyle and his fiancé, Tamara Jaber have recorded their engagement party as a pilot episode for their own reality TV series, titled, King Kyle.

    • When Kyle's not working, he enjoys spending time at home in Hunters Hill or out on the water in his boat

    • In 2006, Kyle referred to Australian Idol contestant Bobby Flynn as a "mong" - a derogatory slang for the now-dated term mongoloid, referring to people suffering from Down syndrome.

    • In 2006, Kyle said to an Australian Idol contestant "You'll never be the Australian Idol and you'll always be a virgin".

    • In 2005, Kyle told Australian Idol Series 3 winner, Kate DeAraugo, that she had "tuckshop lady arms".

    • In 2006, Kyle called 6-month-pregnant Fiona Connolly "fat", a "liar" and the "chick that I hate at Sydney Confidential". He also said he "would hire a private investigator to film her and her family then I'm going to put it on a website and I'm going to show everyone what members of her family do that are dodgy." He has since been banned by Austereo management from mentioning Fiona Connolly on air.

    • In 2005, Kyle was accused of playing his fiancee's music on the radio too often. The allegations were investigated on an Australian current affairs program, Today Tonight. In 2006, Kyle won a defamation lawsuit, which ruled that the program had defamed him.

    • Kyle loves to create controversy. In 2004, Jackie O arrived to a Frenzal Rhomb concert late, and Frenzal Rhomb were so offended that they played music over Jackie O as she was attempting to speak on stage. Kyle then threatened to have Frenzal Rhomb's songs banned from Austereo radio stations.

    • Kyle is a fan of Sydney punk-rock band, Frenzal Rhomb.

    • Kyle was forced to eat cat food on The Kyle and Jackie O Show on 2day fm. He was given two things to eat, and was told one was cat food, and one was chicken stew. Kyle loved the taste of the second one, so he decided that must be the chicken stew, whilst infact they were both the cat food.

    • On October 14 2006, Kyle and Jackie O won "Best On-Air Team" at the Australian Commercial Radio Awards.

    • In September 2006, Kyle was named the most hated Australian identity in a Zoo Weekly article.

    • In 2002, Kyle was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother Australia.

    • In 2001, Kyle joined pop singer Joanne on a trip to Bali to shoot her video for her song "So Damn Fine". He was to appear in speedos in the video but rumour had it that he then changed his mind last minute and only appeared for 3 seconds in the video.

    • Kyle moved to Sydney in 1999, replacing Ugly Phil on the Hot 30 Countdown. Ugly Phil had recently divorced his wife Jackie O (Kyle's work partner).

    • During Australian Idol 4, Kyle controversially told one contestant, Jessica, that she had a jelly belly.

    • Kyle was #86 on "Australia's Most Trusted Celebrities".

    • Kyle makes up one third of the Australian Idol judge panel for Seasons 3 and 4.

    • Kyle was kicked out of his house when he was 15 and lived on the street for a year before pursuing his radio career.

    • Kyle is engaged to popstar Tamara Jaber.

    • Kyle's current favourite song is "SOS" by Rhianna.

  • Quotes

    • Kyle: (after purchasing a nightclub in Sydney's King Cross) I don't want the fear of one day being thrown out of someone's establishment, so I thought if I have my own there's no fear of ever being thrown out. I don't go to nightclubs but I like them. I don't go because I don't want any scenes. But I can't get chucked out of my own. I don't really know how to run one. I've always wanted one, so I've got one.

    • Kyle (following the news he would co-host "Big Brother" in 2008): I want that conflict, that real sense of drama rather than that frat house drama that we've seen over the last few years. It is time that we mix it up a little bit. We will still have young, fun people in there but the whole house won't be full of 20-something losers. I would like the old grumpy man that hates loud noise and hates young people in there.

    • Kyle (after copping abuse for calling Bobby Flynn a 'mong'): I am sorry if I've offended anyone that has an intellectual disability of any degree. I did not use the word 'mong' to describe a mongoloid. I used that term - and I have done since school - as describing someone that just behaves like a fool, does something stupid. Which is exactly how I meant to say it to Bobby.

    • Kyle (asked if he'll get in shape for his wedding): Not a chance. I tried the "getting in shape" thing, but I just don't think it's ever going to happen.

    • Kyle (why he chose to propose in October 2006): She's been away a lot of the past year - in LA - and I just thought, now is the time. Plus Nave Navarro was sniffing around her, so I had to put my foot on the gas.

    • Kyle (on how he popped the question to fiancé Tamara): I wanted to propose at the altar of Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral, with 500 candles all looking beautiful. But it just ended up happening in the bathroom at home.

    • Kyle: I would love my own TV show. Jackie O and I have actually written a television show, like a Rove or a Letterman or a Jay Leno-style show. We've given it Network Ten and they said, 'Oh, we've got Rove,' and then Tench appeared out of nowhere. It's in the plans for the future.

    • Kyle (asked if he'd change his hairstyle...): Not really. I had that stupid long ponytail, Viking Highlander-looking hair for so many years, and then Tamara convinced me to just hack it off. I don't really care about hair. Someone else does that. On the weekend it looks like a chewed up tennis ball. I wear a cap most of the time.

    • Kyle (on managing a long distance relationship with fiancee Tamara Jaber): We manage with extremely expensive phone bills. We probably speak to each other six to 10 times a day. We only really realise we're not with each other at night. That's the hardest bit. I go there (to LA) a lot, she comes back a lot, so that's just the way it works.

    • Kyle (on Celebrity Big Brother): It was actually quite a boring experience. I just laid around most of the time like a bit of a whale. They make you really bored so you flip out and do stupid, childish things. But I made good friends out of it.

    • Kyle (on people hating him): I couldn't care less. I've never come across anyone face to face who hates me. Not one. Maybe they're scared. Or maybe they just hate me so much they can't even conjure up a breath to speak to me!

    • Kyle (asked why he's so mean): I don't see it as mean. I just say what I think. People who actually know me laugh at the fact that people think I'm mean. I'm there to criticise and judge people. I'm paid to do that.

    • Kyle (said to Jessica Mauboy on Australian Idol 4): It's a bit Target!

    • Interviewer: Some would say that not commenting on Chris Murphy's size is a bit sexist.
      Kyle: Chris Murphy's a weighty guy but he dresses appropriately. We know he's a big guy, whereas Jessica can look fantastic or she can look average, depending on what she's wearing.

    • Interviewer: Was Jessica's "jelly belly" something that only struck you when you were watching her perform last Sunday?
      Kyle: Yeah. Look, we've all got problem spots. I carry weight too, but I don't get around in a white singlet, really tight. I just dress appropriately. And she agrees. I spoke to her this morning - she was laughing - she was fine.

    • Kyle may seem like a bit of a meanie, but he likes to think of himself as being quite a softie at heart...
      Kyle: I can be really rough and really gentle at the same time. Like, I can push you over and then help you back up.