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  • There are only a small amount of actors today that respect the art and do it proud. Kyle is definately one of those people. When someone can completly convince you they are the character is rare and I fear is slowly becoming a lost art.

    Kyle Schmid is one of only a handful of geniune actors now a days. I only recently stumbled onto Blood Ties and I have to admit that I am truly entralled with the show. He is an extremly convincing actor that makes the veiwer beleive he is the charcter that he portrays. I am very impressed with the writers and what they have accomplished with this show. Between all the plots twists, charcter relations and general drama that it has to offer, I see great potential and possibilities with its future. It is truly an exciting and original show. Much Thanks.
  • I first heard of Kyle because I started watching Blood Ties.

    In his characterization of Tanya Huff's Henry Fitzroy, Kyle has breathed enhanced life into one of the three best vamps on TV today!
    The supernatural aspect of Blood Ties sets it and therefore "Henry" apart from other vampires and vampire shows. But the story line for Henry and indeed all the Blood Ties characters, is so rich and deep that the supernatural almost takes a back seat to the characters themselves. I love this particular role of Kyle's first and foremost, and quite selfishly, I hope we get to see more of it before he hangs up his fangs for good.
    I have seen other guest roles and movie roles he has done and from what I can see, he should have a really bright future in the business. I will be cheering for him!
  • I have never been addicted to a tv series before Blood Ties. Kaleidoscope Entertainment and Insight Films, your pick of Kyle Schmid for "Henry" the vampire? ... You hit this one out of the park!!!!

    Kyle Schmid's (Henry) chemistry with Christina Cox (Vicki) is phenomenal. Every episode is better than the last and yet the first two-part episode, Blood Price 1 & 2, you would never guess the actors had never worked with each other. Kyle Schmid is hot and extremely sexy!!! The chemistry between Kyle and Christina Cox is driving me crazy. Kyle pulls this 500 year old character off without a hitch. Amazing acting for someone so young.
  • "-I just know when you find an actor that makes you smile and get butterflies inside, you know that you have to keep watching him ". I hope the review makes you want to watch him.

    This is my very first review. But before I start I'm going to apologize for any bad writing.I hope that you will be understanding. English is not my mother tongue, but with some help from an online dictionary I'm going to try my very best. I have only seen Kyle in The Covenant before sow him in Blood Ties. But seeing him in the covenant was enough for me to take an interest in him. In the covenant I thought that he was very sexy, in a bad boy type of style. But the part didn't give him any depth but now in Blood Ties he has that. I have only seen to epiodes so fare but I'm hooked. I hope that as the show progresses that his character will do the same.

    But when I'm watching it's kind of wird, he makes me smile. He is just so charming and the depth of his character makes him even more irresistible if that's possible. That and his voice makes me smile. When he smiles and his eyes are watching you, it feels like he's watching you're soul, and that's one of the things that I just love about him. Of course he's also gorgeous to look at. But thats not the reason that I watch him, the reason is that he is a very talented actor and I hope he continues to progress. I just know when you find an actor that makes you smile and get butterflies inside, you know that you have to keep watching. I hope the review makes you want to watch him.