Kyle Turley





9/24/1975 , Provo, Utah

Birth Name

Kyle John Turley




Turley has had one of the most dynamic careers in the history of the NFL. In the late 90’s Turley played offensive tackle at a pro-bowl level for the New Orleans Saints. But he’s best known for throwing New York Jets defender Damien Robinson’s helmet during a 2001 game. When Turley and the Saints couldn’t agree on a new contract he was traded to the St. Louis Rams in 2003. Turley’s time in St. Louis was filled with injuries and erupted with a heated argument between himself and head coach Mike Martz who claimed that Turley threatened to kill him. Turley slimmed down in 2005 in an attempt to come back with the Miami Dolphins as a tight end. When that didn’t work he took a year off and came back to the Kansas City Chiefs in 2006 as their starting right tackle.