Kym Johnson






Birth Name

Kym Johnson




Kym Johnson began dancing at the age of two. She began ballroom dancing at 15 years of age and in 1998, she and her partner, Tomas Atkocevicius placed second at the Australian Dance-sport Championships in the Open Amateur Modern Ballroom. They also were finalists as the U.K. Ballroom Championships at Blackpool. Kym retired from competitive ballroom dance in 2001.

Kym appeared on seasons 1-3 of Dancing With The Stars in Australia in 2004 and 2005. In season 2, she and her partner, television presenter Tom Williams, were the winning couple. They then performed in the Champion of Champion series. Kym also made a cameo during the 4th Australian series of Dancing With The Stars Grand Fina;, performing with musician Alex Lloyd.

In early 2006, Kym appeared on the Australian program Celebrity Survivor on behalf of the Merry Makers - an all ages group of mentally and physically handicapped who learn to express themselves through dance.

Later the same year (2006), Kym appeared on season 3 of the US version of Dancing With The Stars, partnering talk show icon Jerry Springer. They proved to be very popular and were the 7th couple sent off. During the series Kym wrote a 'Behind the Scenes' Diary' for OK! magazine in Australia.

Kym later continued to tour America with the Dancing With The Stars Tour, but was unable to perform in every show due to an arm injury.

Kym returned to the ballroom for Season 4 of Dancing With The Stars, this time partnered with N'Sync member, Joey Fatone.

Since 2001, Kym has appeared in a number of events and films, including:
* Burn the Floor, a touring ballroom dance production;

* Performing at Elton John's 50th Birthday party;

* Dancing at the Blade Runner launch party;

* Dancing in the film Strictly Ballroom.