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    • Kym: (on Australia's "Celebrity Survivor") I'm known obviously for Dancing With The Stars, which involves being in beautiful costumes and having my hair and make-up done. But then I just thought, 'I'm used to taking somebody out of their comfort zone and into my world' – as I did with three celebrities – so I thought it could be good to take myself out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

    • Kym: (on Australia's "Celebrity Survivor") Everything I've done I've always had a dance partner – always. I've always had someone with me – even in my profession of ballroom dancing, you have a partner. So this is probably one of the first things I've done completely on my own.

    • Kym: The closest I've been to camping was in mum and dad's backyard when I was probably eight-years-old. I think I lasted an hour and went back inside.

    • Kym: (on appearing on Australia's "Celebrity Survivor") On the plane over I said to Wayne Gardner, 'I guess if we've got a tent we've just got to figure out how to put it up'. And he just laughed.