Kym Whitley

Kym Whitley


6/7/1961, Shaker Heights, Ohio, USA

Birth Name

Kym Elizabeth Whitley



Also Known As

Kym E. Whitley, Kim Whitley, Kim E. Whitley
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    • Kym: I believe that God puts a gift in everyone. Gifts that you act upon. I feel my gift is comedy and to share the gift of laughter to people. I never conformed because my parents raised me to be free. I'm always happy and always smiling. We traveled the world. I didn't know their were black and white. We never locked our door. Where we lived we never had a house key. When it was to late to go home, my friends, she let them stay over. It comes from being free and not being afraid.

    • Kym: (On her role models.) Definitely Whoopi Goldberg, I've always looked up to her and strive to be funny like her and quick. Wanda Sykes... I think she's extremely funny. Caroline Ray... they are some funny women. I like women who are funny and smart. Women who are good in improv and quick. Condoleezza Rice... the struggle and what she had to go through to get to where she is. My mother, she had to raise 3 kids. At one point she had to pass and get a job to teach. They didn't know she was black.

    • Kym: (On if she has reached the high point in her career.) No, I have not reached that pinnacle. It is still a struggle. I get offers, but I still have to audition. I'm not completely satisfied. We still have to create things for African American women. Just like Tyler Perry is doing it, we can't wait for things to happen; you have to go and make and create roles and go to people.

    • Kym: (On going to college.) My parents had already filled out my application, just like Martin's character, and they knew where I was going. There was no ifs, ands, or buts. 'You are going to college and this is where you are going' and that was that. They dropped me off and four years later, they picked me up. It wasn't a difficult, just part of life. I knew I was going to college.

    • Kym: (On Raven-Symone) In working with Raven-Symoné, she reminds me of myself. She's really crazy, all over the place, loves physical comedy, and I've known her, so to be able to work with her, hug her, lover her like I do in real life, was fun.

    • Kym: (On Martin Lawrence) He's mature. He's not crazy all over the place. He's settled in his role. He's focused. He comes on to the set and he's very quiet and very polite, but when he's in action, he turns into a comedy beast. You're just like 'Wow'. I see his energy and he's on point and I see a growth in a grown man who has honed his craft and is comfortable in life.

    • Kym: (On how she got cast in College Road Trip) Robert Lawrence, who's Martin's brother, and Martin had a meeting with Disney and a couple of executives. They didn't want the film to be traditional and said, 'What about Kym Whitley?' I know that they were fighting for me because Disney had a couple of people they wanted, but these guys fought for me. It does lend itself that I'm not one of the ten size 2 models girls and that's what made it really nice.