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  • Day 3: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

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    S 3 : Ep 19 - 4/20/04

    Jack reluctantly works with Kim on an undercover job that may help them gain an advantage over Saunders.
    Palmer informs his cabinet of the crisis, while Saunders makes yet another demand.
    Chase tracks down the man who left the hotel and learns that the virus is spreading to the general public.moreless
  • Believe

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    S 3 : Ep 8 - 11/11/03

    LSP teams up with Victoria Little to form AIDS Relief Alliance, meanwhile Nick becomes a medical guardian to two kids who may AIDS. Lulu learns she is about to be a mom. Nick and Susan Powell meet Mr. Wheat who learns that one his kids needs a home because she is HIV positive. Nick asks Burton for his for mom's engagement ring to marry Lulu after she sees the ring Lulu wonders if Nick is moving things to fast. Nick leans his client is HIV positive after he wouldn't give a blood test. Nick learns Calvin may have given HIV to his client.moreless
  • Dying to Testify

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    S 8 : Ep 17 - 5/1/01

    Sipowicz, Sorenson, Medavoy and Jones begin investigating the death of the man shot in the robbery at a clothing store. They eventually get a lead on their suspected perp and wait for him to return from Atlantic City. Haywood comes into the squad looking for help in tracking down a witness named Tisha who is needed to testify in a retrial case. Tisha's sister (who is on the job) is reluctant to help Russell and McDowell in locating her sister. They eventually track Tisha down and agree to stay with her for the night, ensuring that she can testify the following morning. Tisha's comment about Diane still having Bobby's picture up and living in the same apartment gets Diane thinking. Meanwhile, Danny tells Andy that he hasn't got Diane out of his system, he plans on putting in for a transfer and he admits to having been outside her apartment the previous evening. The following morning, Tisha is turned over to Haywood and the murder suspect fresh from Atlantic City. Danny talks to Rodriguez about his transfer and he finds out that she has already put in for a transfer. They talk, with her citing her need for a change. A call comes in from Haywood there was a delay in the trial and her key witness has disappeared. The murder suspect in the clothing store homicide works the system, having beaten a possible murder charge a couple of years earlier; because of threats made against her, the eyewitness is reluctant to have to appear in court, but it may be the only way to put the suspect away. Tisha's body is found and Valerie finally breaks down and talks about work outside the job with Baldwin who offers his support. Later that evening Diane and Connie talk about leaves of absences and other things. One of things Diane learns is that Connie has a fifteen-year-old daughter, a child she gave birth to when she was sixteen and gave up for adoption. She admits to knowing where her daughter is.moreless
  • The Great Crane Robbery

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    S 8 : Ep 4 - 11/14/00

    When a silicon valley billionaire needs some social pointers, Frasier ends up becoming his mentor. Meanwhile, Niles tries hard to be a jerk in front of Mel's society friends.