Kynt Cothron

Kynt Cothron


Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.

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Kent Kaliber
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Kynt is a male from Louisville, Kentucky. He ran The Amazing Race 12 and The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business with Vyxsin, calling themselves the "Pink and Black Attack".

Kynt follows the art of goth and has colored his hair many times. Fashion is a passion for him…more


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    • Vyxsin: The pink and black attack is doing pretty well right now! The reason we're doing so well is that we never let each other not be at our best.

    • Vyxsin: (in Leg 7 of The Amazing Race 12) This day has had a trend, and it's gonna continue until the end.

    • Vyxsin: (after coming in last place on Leg 7 of The Amazing Race 12) Today was not a good day. Kynt and I were bickering, and not in a fun, cute way, but in a hating each other way.

    • Kynt: (in Leg 8 of The Amazing Race 12) We're not out to screw anybody over, necessarily, but we've gotta make it past this leg.

    • Kynt: (after acting like they hadn't found a flight to Mumbai in Leg 8 of The Amazing Race 12) At this point in the game, Vyxsin and I are resorting to a lot of "performance art."

    • Kynt: With all the stress going on in the race right now, it's actually going to be great to take a break for a moment and do some yoga.

    • Vyxsin: I feel like I'm waking up from a bad dream. It's so rare that Kynt and I aren't in sync with each other.
      (changes to clip from previous episode)
      Kynt: Stop this car Vyxsin, right now!

    • Phil: (to Kynt and Vyxsin after they were eliminated in Leg 8 of The Amazing Race 12) I have to give you the award for the most fashionable couple ever on The Amazing Race!
      Kynt: Yes!
      Vyxsin: Yay, we won something!

    • Kynt: I'm just excited about Italy. This is a place that's known for fashion, style, grace. I think Vyxsin and I will fit in pretty well over there.

    • Vyxsin: (after falling behing in Leg 7 of The Amazing Race 12) This is the time to get serious, we've got to keep up.
      Kynt: Yeah.

    • Vyxsin: It's been thirty hours since I have slept and I am so stressed out.
      Kynt: Let me drive. Stop, stop!

    • Kynt: (in Leg 7 of The Amazing Race 12) We're on our way and we're not in last place anymore!

    • Kynt: Stop this car! Stop this car, Vyxsin! Right now!

    • Kynt: (on Leg 7 of The Amazing Race 12) I'm praying again, Vyxsin. I'm praying.

    • Kynt: TK and Rachel, they're another team off the beaten path, kinda like us!

    • Kynt: (seeing other teams in Leg 6 of The Amazing Race 12) What are they lining up for?
      Vyxsin: The Czech Airlines.
      Kynt: Why are they assuming that's the best flight?
      Vyxsin: Cause they're sheep!

    • Vyxsin: (while booking tickets in Leg 6 of The Amazing Race 12) They're all pointing and looking at us and pointing at us.
      Kynt: We're used to people pointing at us. That's nothing new.

    • Kynt: (to the man after completing the Roadblock in Leg 6 of The Amazing Race 12) Great to build with you!

    • Kynt: (to Vyxsin while she was scaling the wall in Leg 6 of The Amazing Race 12) Two steps away! You can do this in your sleep! Good job, little pink kitten!

    • Kynt: (on Leg 5 of The Amazing Race 12) I've always wanted to go to Romania or Transylvania, someplace with a lot of spooky architecture.

    • Kynt: (observing Lithuanians in costume in Leg 5 of The Amazing Race 12) Where's my costume? I wanna jump in there.

    • Kynt: (to woman after first Roadblock delivery in Leg 5 of The Amazing Race 12) Enjoy your fruit and bread, dear!

    • Kynt: (at the "Shake Your Booty" Detour task in Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) We're ready to perform. We thank you for watching us today. I'm gonna improve a little bit too.

    • Kynt: (on Leg 4 of The Amazing Race 12) Vyxsin and I aren't going to be beaten in a dance competition. That's for sure.

    • Kynt: We're in Africa. To them we look like aliens that dropped out of the sky! But they've been so warm and wonderful to us.

    • Vyxsin: With Kynt and my relationship, I do take on some typically masculine roles.
      Kynt: She holds doors for me, basically!
      Vyxsin: He brings out a chivalrous side of me. What can I say?

    • Kynt: I'm not one of those get-down-and-dirty kind of boys. I'm kinda prissy.

    • Kynt: (on Leg 1 of The Amazing Race 12) What are we waiting for? We've got the clue, we've got the money, let's drive.

    • Vyxsin: Next stop, LA exit, then Ireland.
      Vyxsin: (regarding the team right in front of them) Where are they going?
      Kynt: Go to the right, Go to the right.
      Vyxsin: Oh my goth, where are we going?

    • Kynt: Vyxsin, look at how dark the interior of our cab is. What do you think of this?
      Vyxsin: I think it's very cozy. It's like being in a coffin.

    • Kynt: (regarding the Speed Bump) As the moves got more difficult, I enjoyed seeing Vyxsin twisting and turning and contorting in different directions. I'm sure the instructor did, too.

    • Kynt: I look forward to hearing Phil say, "Kynt and Vyxsin, you're team number 1."

    • Kynt: Vyxsin and I love to play dress-up! Being surrounded by those people at the festival made us feel "normal"!

    • Kynt: When you're playing The Amazing Race, nine out of ten times, you're completely in the dark.
      Vyxsin: Usually, of course, the dark is Kynt's and my favorite place in which to dwell.

    • Kynt: Goth is a celebration of beauty, art, with a little darker edge.

    • Kynt: Good job, Vyxsin. Little pink kitten. (in interview segment) When it comes to tenacity...
      Vyxsin: we are like little pink gothic Energizer Bunnies.

    • Kynt: Vyxsin and I are like real life cartoon characters. For us, every day is Halloween.

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