Kyra Levy





7/3/1973 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name




Kyra Levy is best known to television viewers as Maya, Caitlin Ryan's wheelchair-bound friend on the Canadian teen drama "Degrassi Junior High" (1986). The Degrassi role was an interesting case of casting close to reality, but not quite getting there. Fans of Maya are often surprised upon seeing the actress in person - unlike her character, Kyra does not use a wheelchair. Kyra suffers from a neurological problem called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (a form of muscular dystrophy). She has some difficulty grasping objects, and requires feet braces on her lower legs to walk. Like most of the Degrassi cast, Kyra has been little seen in the television or movie worlds since the show was cancelled. Instead, she's been concentrating on another passion, music. Kyra is a founding member of the band Psycho Key, formed in 1996. She does vocals and co-writes the songs. The band currently has two albums out, with another on the way. It's also branched into the business side of the music industry: Psycho Key runs a recording studio in the West Indies called "The Place On Earth."

Source: on IMDB!