L. Scott Caldwell


L. Scott Caldwell Trivia


  • Trivia

    • She was in the movie Dragonfly and she was the Head Nurse.

    • She and the actor who plays her husband, Sam Anderson, both had roles on JAG.

    • She played Deputy Marshal Poole in The Fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.

    • She was in the movie Mystery, Alaska and she played Judge McGibbons.

    • Admits she never watches the show Lost, in which she guest stars, because she doesn't have cable or good reception. She was able to watch the second season finale though, and realizing "what all the noise is about!"

    • Caldwell married her now-deceased husband in her Hawaii, while filming the hit television drama, Lost. He died within a year, his ashes scattered back where they were married.

    • L. Scott Caldwell has a recurring role on the hit ABC drama, Lost. She plays Rose, a survivor from the front of the plane.

    • L. Scott Caldwell appeared on a television commercial for McDonald's in 1993.

    • L. Scott Caldwell's character Judge Rose Barnea on the television show Queens Supreme shares the same first name as her character on Lost.

    • Won a 1988 Tony Award as Best Actress for her role in the Broadway play "Come & Gone."

  • Quotes

    • L. Scott Caldwell: Well, I got married in Hawaii and then my husband died within that year so I got to take his ashes back to the place we got married. Closing that chapter in my life was important. It is sad, but the fact that I got married there because I was doing Lost - we were just going to Las Vegas and then Lost came up - meant we were able to get married in this incredible place. Then when he died, I was back on Lost, so I was able to carry his ashes back and complete that step. There's a sadness to it as an event, but on spiritual level, it was a completion so that it was beautiful.