Lacey Chabert





9/30/1982 , Purvis, Mississippi, USA

Birth Name

Lacey Nicole Chabert




Lacey Chabert (pronounced shuh-BEHR) is an American film, TV, stage, and voice actress most known for her role as Claudia Salinger in the family drama Party of Five. Lacey, who is of French and Scottish descent, was born on September 30, 1982 in Purvis Mississippi. At a young age, Lacey displayed an inclination towards acting, first appearing in dramatic and musical performances on stage.

She was once Miss Jr. Mississippi and was also a junior vocalist finalist on Star Search. After which, she made her way into television, first appearing in a cough syrup commercial. From 1994 to 2000, she ably played Claudia in the FOX drama Party of Five -- even winning her two YoungStar Awards (1997 and 1998). She also received multiple Young Artist Award nominations for her role.

In the movies, her most prominent roles were in Mean Girls (2004), Not Another Teen Movie (2001), and Daddy Day Care (2003). Aside from her work infront of the camera, she also did voice acting for several animated films, TV series, and video games.