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Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil

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The band was formed in 1994, as Sleep of Right, but they soon changed their name to Ethereal and, at the end of 1997, were signed by Century Media. Finding that the name Ethereal had already been taken, they finally settled on Lacuna Coil (meaning empty spiral).



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    • Cristina (on the meaning of "Lacuna Coil") Well, it is taken from 2 languages, actually. "Lacuna" means "empty " in Italian. When we first formed the band, we were called "Ethereal" but there was another band from Greece who already had that name. Since we had to change our band's name, we thought we would come up with something that still had the same meaning as Ethereal but with no chance of someone else having the same name.

    • Cristina: (on Lacuna Coil) We chose the name Lacuna Coil mixing two words from different languages: "Lacuna" is Italian, Latin, and means a lack of something, basically of memory or culture. "Coil" means "spiral" in English. The complete meaning of the name is something like "Empty Spiral".

    • Cristina: (on the band's popularity in Italy) We have had tremendous success in our country. There are not a lot of bands like us there.

    • Cristina: I did not want to be a singer when I was a little girl. As I got older it just kind of happened. I admire Black singers and how powerful their voices are.

    • Cristina (on Internet music downloading): You know, no one likes to work and not get paid for it. I understand fans want to hear the songs but there should be something in place where a person can pay for a song if they choose. This is a good idea.

    • Cristina: My opinion is that "Comalies" is the most complete and varied album we've done in our career. It's the picture of the band and represents what we are now. We kept a balance between melody and heaviness to give different moods during the listening. The other albums we did in the past were not that mature and fluid. There's not just one track that can talk for the album, but I can say that songs like "Swamped," "Heaven's A Lie" and "Comalies" can be good example of what we do..

    • Cristina (on the things she can't do without): Love, music, food.

    • Cristina: I feel that we created something different, putting together gothic, rock, and metal with a modern touch and two vocals, masculine and feminine, who use their voices naturally without being "the beauty and the beast".

    • Cristina: We listen to many musical genres. The band consists of 6 members, each bringing forth his own influences. We listen to varied styles of music, from the Classical to the extreme.

    • Cristina: English is a universal language. It is easier to sing, and also enables us to reach a large audience. It is more musical, especially when Rock is concerned.

    • Cristina: Everyone who tries to start this kind of career thinks it's all sex and drugs and rock'n'roll. But in reality that's nowhere near the truth.

    • Cristina: Being sexy is a state of mind y'know? Even though I play in a heavy metal band I don't want to act like a man, I want to keep my femininity.

    • Cristina: I've got a funny story about Priest. I was doing a radio interview at the time and the rest of the guys in the band were sat in catering talking to Marta from Bleeding Through. There were very few women on the Ozzfest tour, so I guess you could be forgiven for thinking she was me if she say with the rest of my band. We're both skinny and she's got black hair like me too, but she's a lot paler than I am. What else can I say? I always like to have a tan! Anyway, Rob Halford came over and asked if he caould sit at their table. The guys in the band were so excited, I mean Judas Priest are really big rock stars and they normally keep themselves to themselves. They only come on site just before they play, so Rob walking into catering was really unheard of. He said to Marta "How's it going? I remember you from the Ozzfest press conference a few months ago. I really like your band. I think you guys are great." Poor Marta didn't know where to look. She didn't have the heart to tell him she wasn't me.

    • Cristina: People might want to know about everything about me as an artist but my private life...it's my private life. People that I care about are going to get hurt reading this.

    • Cristina: (about her male "groupies") I can intimidate them, so they just ask to kiss my hand or to marry me. I get a lot of lesbians, though, and I must say they're more aggressive than the men.

    • Cristina: Our success doesn't surprise me. I think we've earned it.

    • Cristina: The fans don't know me. They just think they do.

    • Cristina: (on the gossip about her) I've been a lesbian, I've been married, I've been pregnant...

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  • How come no one writes Reviews for LC?!!! This band is great and I love it to pieces!

    I've loved Lacuna Coil ever since a few years ago when Comalies came out. I instantly fell in love with their deep, ethereal music, lyrics, and vocals! I love Cristina and all of the members of the band! I saw Lacuna Coil on May 2nd, 2007 in Omaha, Nebraska at Sokol Underground! They were so incredibly awesome and I was speechless when I saw Cristina, she is SO beautiful in person! My favorite song is probably either Within Me, or Our Truth. I sang Within me at my school talent show, and everybody came up to me and said, "Who sings that song, They're amazing!" I really love this band! Rock on Lacuna Coil! Viva Italia! LOL!moreless