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  • Lady Gaga makes boring music

    Her image is similar to Marilyn Manson and she sounds like Madonna. Her music is not very good. Unlike Marilyn Manson, she does not really have anything of value to say through her music. She does very little to distinguish herself among the countless pop stars around today.
  • Crazy in a good way.

    I think that Ms. Lady Gaga is very talented and has a beautiful voice. I like most of her songs. She can be a little bit over the top when trying to dress unusually, but she sure beats Justin Bieber. I am going to give this lady an 8/10.
  • She has talent, but she should try not to go dramatic with her wild clothing image

    I admit that Lady Gaga does have talent in singing and acting but she feels a bit like a Madonna clone. Plus, you can tell that she only wants to dress funny for fame. There are better (and less annoying) ways to get fame than these crazy methods. That`s what this singer needs to learn mostly.
  • Weird but great singer.

    Her outfits are stupid but she has a great voice.
  • My Review of Lady Gaga

    I have like only one song of her's that I truly like, it's "Telephone" and that's just it, I'm done with her. Lady Gaga has a stupid name and is totally innaproppriate. Her voice isn't all that bad, except in some songs I guess, and if she took off all those lame costumes and makeup, I bet she would be pretty.

    All in all, I give her a 3/10, because of her song "Telephone".
  • Changed my mind

    I used to like Lady GaGa, but now I can't stand her. She is so skimpy, and her songs are trashy. I know it's kind of weird how I changed from a 10 to a 4, but I change my mind a lot. And besides that, she's just plain inappropriate. BTW, please don't read my review, and trash me. Anyways, since I'm almost out of words, I'll just say Lady GaGa is NOT a role model, NOT good-looking (in most pictures and performances) and NOT a good artist in general. (Waits for someone to delete this) Well, I'm pretty much done. So Lady GaGa fans can bash me if they want
  • I've gone gaga for Lady GaGa.

    Just by reading my username, you can tell this is going to be one of those reviews that's pro-Lady GaGa.

    First off: her fashion sense. Her insane sense of style is what makes her a fashion icon. When people see somebody in a totally wild outfit, they know automatically that it's Lady G sporting more of her co-called, "cuckoo couture". GaGa is always telling us to be ourselves, and by dressing the way she does, the pop phenomenon is further encouraging us. I, personally, adore her crazy sense of style, and I'm always looking foward to see what she's going to wear to each event she makes an appearance at. Second: her vocals. Her voice clearly has changed from when she recorded "The Fame" to when "The Fame Monster" was done. I think that her voice is marvelous on both albums. As for her live performances, I absolutely adore the fact that she sings live. Sure, she gets off-key sometimes, but I see that as a good thing. It shows she isn't using playback, and that alone makes her a great artist.

    Third: her live performances. Oh, gosh, what to say about the art that is a GaGa live performance? She puts so much creativity into them - from bleeding to death, to a factory, to a train station, to a demon in a bathtub. The bottom line is: when on the stage, Lady G gives us not only the songs we're so familiar with, but something interesting to watch while we listen. And she dances too! What's not to like?

    I've also seen a few interviews with her. Yet again, she gives us something to look forward to: the jokes she's going to crack. she makes me laugh so much. Just one more thing to love about her. I could say something about her music videos, but then I'd end up saying something similiar to what I typed up about her live shows.

    I didn't pay too much attention to her at first, but then I gave her a chance to impress me, and the woman didn't fail in the slightest bit. Lady GaGa is creative, down-to-earth, sweet, hilarious, and totally unpredictable. It's everything I listed and more that makes her an amazing person in my eyes.
  • I love Lady Gaga but I don't really like her music videos because they are inappropriate for children under 13. But she makes me laugh on the floor lots of times. She knows how to entertain people and come up with her own style of moves.

    I think Lady Gaga is great but all her music videos are inappropriate for children. If you've seen her aol acoustic version of poker face on youtube it is HILARIOUS!!! Lady Gaga is funny, pretty, the punk kind, and a good singer. She can sure make people laugh really hard. I love her hit singles "Poker Face" and "Just Dance". Her style is Pop/Punk! I just love the mask she puts on but I love her hairstyles even more in the music videos. Lady Gaga is entertaining to everyone! I love her voice, style, and more. She is going to go on for years!
  • amazing singer

    just dance is a really good song. it turned lady gaga into somebody famous in a matter of weeks. however i do not like her video to the song...its a bit dirty. not only that, it doesnt have a story behind it, all it is is women lazing about and dancing. what teen girl wants to see that? i do like her hair thought - for some reason :P and i think she is really original and has her own style. she wears bold outfits and i think that that shows teens to be more outgoing. i would recommend just dance to everyone x
  • Lady Gaga is one of the best singers and musical artists of today!

    I have to say, Stefani, best known as Lady Gaga, is a really talented musician. Not only can she create songs with a great techno beat/rhythm to it, but she has an amazing vocal range as well! Her image just screams star quality, and her songs are addicting and just fabulous. While she has songs like "Just Dance", which is probably her greatest hit so far and the first song I've ever heard from her, she also has songs like "Love Games", which is slightly more dirty... But she also has songs like "Eh Eh", released from "The Fame", which really shows her ability to create new, cool songs. Versatility is one of her strongest points.
  • Stefani Joanne Germanotta rose to fame in 2008 with her awesome album, The Fame. Since then, her songs have been playing all around the world on many different radio stations and on many peoples iPod's and MP3 players.

    Lady GaGa has become an international celebrity with her album, The Fame. It was released in 2008 and it features amazing songs such as the chart topping Just Dance, Poker Face, Starstruck and loads more.

    She has written all of the songs on that album and designs and makes many of her stage outfits. Lady GaGa should become an inspiration to many young people as she didn't become famous because her family was rich, but because she worked hard. "I did this the way you are supposed to. I played every club in New York City and I bombed in every club and then killed it in every club and I found myself as an artist. I learned how to survive as an artist, get real, and how to fail and then figure out who I was as singer and performer. And, I worked hard." - Lady GaGa

    I like the way she dresses - it's her style and she definitelly stands out from the rest, but i guess that's what makes her the person who she is today... Lady GaGa.