Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta


5/11/1978, Pont-Audemer, Normandy, France

Birth Name

Laetitia Marie Laure Casta



Also Known As

Laetitia Marie Laure Casta, Laetitia
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Born in Pont-Audemer, France, Laetitia Casta spent her childhood in the lush countryside of Normandy. At age 15, she was approached by an agent of Paris' Madison Models while building sand castles on a beach in Corsica. After her father agreed to let the agency take some test…more


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    • Laetitia: (on the best advice anyone has given her) All people are equal. When someone makes me nervous, I imagine them on the toilet, and then I feel much more self-assured.

    • Laetitia: (on her beauty secret) I laugh as hard as I can for 15 minutes every day. Having a lust for life makes you beautiful.

    • Laetitia: There's no ideal career or way of doing things. I was very lucky, but I had to grab the opportunity. I learned everything through travel, and the school of experience. I had a passport to the world. If the plane wasn't there, I'd take a boat. If there was no boat, I walked. And gained more self-confidence than if I had stayed at school.

    • Laetitia: I believe that once a film has a depth, certain trips, it's interesting. As for the French cinema, I feel that French producers can't express themselves completely.

    • Laetitia: Sometimes I give a lot and the result is not up to my expectations. But that doesn't bring my enthusiasm down. I'm constantly searching for the development. I hope I'll still be like that when I'm 90.

    • Laetitia: I'm neither career woman, nor an opportunist. I don't want to sacrifice myself for this profession. I prefer living things deeply. Happiness is THE most important thing.

    • Laetitia: I adore New York. One feels free there. One walks a lot and can dress in fluorescent orange, nobody turns their eyes on you.

    • Laetitia: I think that the profession of a model has served me a lot in cinema. It has liberated me from lots of taboos that actresses often carry about their physique.

    • Laetitia: There are dark sides within myself. I'm not a pink candy. I'm a human being like all the world, having some difficult moments.

    • Laetitia: (on how she wants to conduct her life) The most normal way possible. I'm a nomad, yet my base is in New York. I never speak about my private life.

    • Laetitia: (Marie-Ange is her sister) It was when Marie-Ange was born that I woke up. I forced myself to grow up for her because I felt she was my responsibility. The idea that I could be a role model was a great revelation for me.

    • Laetitia: (on what changed after the birth of her first child) Everything; life itself! It's corny to say so, but it's simply the most beautiful thing that exists in the world. One matures, gets more confidence in oneself.

    • Laetitia: I believe in the signs of destiny, because there are many in my life. People have the tendency to stick stripes on your shoulders, some labels: model or actress. On my part, I don't have the feeling to be one or the other; I'm simply myself.

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