LaKisha Jones

LaKisha Jones


1/13/1980, Flint, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

LaKisha Ann Jones


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LaKisha Jones was born on January 13, 1980 at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan, but hails from Fort Meade, MD. Her mother is Beverly Jefferson, a teacher at the Flint Foundation Academy, and was raised by her mother and maternal grandmother, Ruth Jefferson Morris. When she was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • LaKisha was an amazing singer early in the competiton, but she got worse since the top 7 of AI.

    LaKisha Jones was rewarded 4th place on American Idol Season 6. She was an amazing singer from her audition all the way until the top 7. She only had 1 good performance from the top 7 to the top 4. It was her performance on Bon Jovi night. That is also the night where she kissed Simon Cowell on the lips. I would have given her a 9.6, but her performances on AI got worse, so I gave her this score. I think her best performance was And I Am Telling You, I'm Not Going on top 12 girls night.moreless
  • Lakisha has a very powerful voice,she is a wonderful and honest person who wants the best for her child. .She is a beautiful person inside and out,she deserves to be the next American Idol,for all the right reasons.Lakisha will be the next American Idol.moreless

    Anyone who knows about singing,knows that Lakisha has what it takes to win.I watch her every week,and she never gets overly excited even when great things are said about her,i think she is to afraid to get her hopes and dreams up,and then mabey be turned down.You can tell she has it all,from looks to talent,a honest person and genuine.She is not like some people who think they have it all,and act like it too.She wants a dream for her daughter whom she loves very much.Vote for her and let her prove that she is the next American Idol.All the Idols can sing,but they do not have what Lakisha has and what is most important,what it takes to be the next American idol.We don't want show off's or someone to win that all this glamor will go to their heads and become someone else who thinks they have it all and that they are better than everyone else.With lakisha i believe she will remain her true and beautiful self,even though she will have it all if she wins.Give the title to someone who truly deserves it in every way.Vote and choose for "Lakisha".moreless