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Lana Krost


Western Australia, Australia

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Lana Krost


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Lana discovered her passion for performing at the tender age of six when she took to the school stage. The passion grew into an interest in musical theatre, with Lana appearing in several productions in her native Western Australia. The talent must be genetic: her Vietnamese mother was…more


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    • Lana: (revealing what extra quality a performer needs besides a strong voice) How they connect to the audience. The purpose of performing is to make the audience feel something and connect with the song.

    • Lana: (on why she thinks "Australian Idol" is an important part of the music industry) Because it acts as a stepping stone for people who are just beginning their career or for those at the end of it.

    • Lana: (on which artist she would like to perform a duet with) Jewel. Because she struggled to become who she is and I admire her determination. Plus her music inspires people.

    • Lana: (asked to describe her feeling at her first audition) Never been so scared in my life. I was shaking and the feeling of being watched all the time was intimidating.

    • Lana: (on her biological mother) She was Vietnamese and lived here, before moving back to Vietnam. I don't know anything about my birth dad, but my (adoptive) dad is American. He came to Australia for work and met my mum. He still has his accent and that's where my American twang comes from. Other than that, my life is pretty normal.

    • Lana: I was born in Australia and adopted when I was six weeks old. I don't know much about my birth mum because I only met her when I was little and I can't remember her. She passed away when I was in Year 8.

    • Lana: (on breaking up with her ex-boyfriend) We broke up in July. He was my first boyfriend and it just got to the point where you have to experience new things. It's weird not being with him, but he wants what's best for me and, right now, that's concentrating on music and putting boys aside.

    • Lana: (clearing up rumours of her engagement) Scott didn't ask me to marry him; he just said, "Here's a ring,". It was more of a commitment thing and didn't mean we were going to get married straightaway - it meant we were promised to each other and loved each other a lot.

    • Lana: (on the tabloids during "Australian Idol") I've always been the one buying all the magazines and reading the stories out to everyone. I'm going to make a big scrapbook about it all. What if something like this never happens again? I want to remember it all.

    • Lana: (after being eliminated from "Australian Idol") I'm gonna look at it like I came 10th out of 35,000 people. I'm really happy.