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    I think one of the only reasons I really was interested in her character on 24 was because of the way she looks. I thought the writers of the show really let down her character - which can be said for a lot of people who came onto the show in the shows fourth season. I thought her acting was a little too much - reminding me of a girl in high school who tends to blow things way out of proportion. I thought her acting could have been better fine tuned for her character - which was basically to be suck up to Erin. She didnt really have the aura of that part coming off as the good girl.

    Her role in LOST was tiny and she wont be heard of again, but it was fun to see someone and not rememeber where you knew them from. Says a lot about her ability to win over an audiance.

    i love Lana! She is the best!!!!
  • Oh my she's so fly! What is it about the underrated that is so... underrated?! Talent, good looks and strong choices, that's Lana.

    Ever since she was on Spin City I can remember wanting more. Actually following her from that to Boomtown was nice because of the cameleon like ability she displayed by being able to portray such different characters seemingly flawlessly. Awesome! One of my favorite foils in television today, I think that as long as there's television she's got the talent to be around. For those who may not know who she is if you have ever had a female friend that accepted you for whoever you were and maybe even loaned a couple of bucks every now and again, well that warm feeling is what comes through the screen when you watch her perform.
  • Holy shit...

    I think commenting anything on Lana's acting is completely redundant, because it speaks for itself. Sadly I don't watch that many shows and especially not the ones Lana might star in, but I saw her in Spin City where she unfortunately had quite a small role (yet managed to do it really well nonetheless), Upon A Time.

    Oh GOD, OUAT. She's raping the entire show singlehandedly with her performance on all her queen faces. Her emotional expression is simply beautiful and too captivating. The scenes she shares with Emma, Rumple and, heck, even Snow on certain occasions automatically bring a wide grin on your face as well as strike you with the most chilling of goosebumps.

    I had the pleasure of seeing a few of Lana's real-life appearances on TV and videos, and I can say for sure she's an amazing person as much as she is an actress. I'm pretty sure she's at least near perfection if not complete perfection altogether.
  • Greatest actress ever !!!!

    Lana is an amazing actress and a wonderful, kind-hearted person. She is really talented and learned her craft. Watching her in shows and movies, you can just feel her love for acting. She is amazing in The Double Life Of Eleanor Kendall, Swingtown, Covert Affairs, Miami Medical, Boomtown, The Defenders, JAG and not to forget in Once Upon A Time. OUAT wouldn't last long without the talent of Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle!
  • The most wonderful actress of all times

    When I started watching "once upon a time" the character that appealed more to me was, immediately, the evil queen! I saw some honesty in her eyes, some pain. She, in all that evil could transmit, somehow, so many feelings inside (and that's only Parrilla's talent - she is the one and only responsible for that).

    From episode to episode I found myself loving more and more the evil queen! And I had a struggle inside. God! that woman was EVIL! that woman was trying to destroy so many lifes, why was I hoping to see her get what she wanted? why was I loving her? why was I feeling sorry for her? what kind of spell she cursed on me?!

    Episode 18, "the stable boy", answered all my questions, and gave me a reason. I was not insane, she was not evil from the beginning and there was good and love inside of her. Maybe that's why it is my favourite episode, because I was struggling with my own feelings for that woman.

    So, for 18 episodes I was seeing something just from her eyes, just from her reactions, just from her voice, just from her acting and that makes Lana Parrilla, probably, the most wonderful actress of all times!
  • She should be more famous 'cause this lady rocks!!!

    Seriously, she is freakin' amazing in everything she does - Boomtown, Swingtown, Miami Medical and now Once Upon a Time where she totally owns the character of Regina Mills a.k.a Evil Queen. I hope she receives (at least) an Emmy nomination for her consistently strong portrayal. Cudos to Lana!