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  • The most wonderful actress of all times

    When I started watching "once upon a time" the character that appealed more to me was, immediately, the evil queen! I saw some honesty in her eyes, some pain. She, in all that evil could transmit, somehow, so many feelings inside (and that's only Parrilla's talent - she is the one and only responsible for that).

    From episode to episode I found myself loving more and more the evil queen! And I had a struggle inside. God! that woman was EVIL! that woman was trying to destroy so many lifes, why was I hoping to see her get what she wanted? why was I loving her? why was I feeling sorry for her? what kind of spell she cursed on me?!

    Episode 18, "the stable boy", answered all my questions, and gave me a reason. I was not insane, she was not evil from the beginning and there was good and love inside of her. Maybe that's why it is my favourite episode, because I was struggling with my own feelings for that woman.

    So, for 18 episodes I was seeing something just from her eyes, just from her reactions, just from her voice, just from her acting and that makes Lana Parrilla, probably, the most wonderful actress of all times!