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  • Holy shit...

    I think commenting anything on Lana's acting is completely redundant, because it speaks for itself. Sadly I don't watch that many shows and especially not the ones Lana might star in, but I saw her in Spin City where she unfortunately had quite a small role (yet managed to do it really well nonetheless), Upon A Time.

    Oh GOD, OUAT. She's raping the entire show singlehandedly with her performance on all her queen faces. Her emotional expression is simply beautiful and too captivating. The scenes she shares with Emma, Rumple and, heck, even Snow on certain occasions automatically bring a wide grin on your face as well as strike you with the most chilling of goosebumps.

    I had the pleasure of seeing a few of Lana's real-life appearances on TV and videos, and I can say for sure she's an amazing person as much as she is an actress. I'm pretty sure she's at least near perfection if not complete perfection altogether.