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  • A good biker.

    I have to say that Lance Armstrong has acomplished things that very few people in the sport can accomplish. I think he is a very respected athlete and is also a determined person. I must say that he has overcome odds to be one of the sports best bike riders. He also is one of the biggest names in the sports world today. He has won many championships and I have to say that I don't think I could ride bike as long as he has. Overall, he is one of the most famous sports names and is a good bike rider. Thank you.
  • 7 time winner of Le Tour de France...

    Lance Armstrong is an amazing athlete. People have been trying to discredit him for years because they think no one can win the tour so many times, but he did. He's talented and he trains heard and he has a great team, that's why he won. He won 7 times when the previous record was 5 wins. He has done a lot for cancer research and I respect him for that. I don't pay attention to his personal life because that is what it is: his PERSONAL life. It's his business and I won't judge him on that. Anyways, he's an amazing athlete and he has done a lot for awarness and brought a lot of people to the cycling sport.
  • Lance Armstrong is a very giving person and also very athletic.

    Lance Armstrong is very famous because of how he considers others like his cancer program where he makes those live strong bracelets and every cent of profit goes to the cancer program. He himslef was diagnosed with cancer but beat it and now uses that experience to help others fight it. He also won the Tour de France seven times in a row which also makes him very famous. Lance Armstrong did retire in the Tour de France 2005 and didn't participate in the Tour de France 2006. Lance also has three children which is twin girls and a boy.
  • One of the greatest sports heroes of our time.

    Lance Armstrong is one of the greatest sports heroes of our time. He got cancer and kicked it. Once he got over cancer, he came back to cycling and won the Tour de France. He got every imaginable drug test and passed them all. He has won the Tour de France seven times. During his career he has passed thousands of urine tests and thousands of blood tests.

    Now that he is retired, wicked, spiteful, mean spirited people are trying to claim he should be disqualified based on new tests done on seven year old blood samples, which were tested and cleared seven years ago. It’s sad that people can be such poor sportsmen.

    Lance is a great man. He has passed every test. Ignore the bitter, hateful people that have nothing better to do than try to bring down someone who is better than them.
  • Mr. Armstrong needs to re-examine his values

    Lance Armstrong is a role model to America, I'm sure. However, he can never be a role model to my family.

    Lance has accomplished two major feats in life: He's defeated testicular cancer and won the Tour de France 7 times. This scores him a perfect 10. Big friggin' deal.

    I would've praised it more if it wasn't for his shameless act of cruelty. What drags is score is his shameless breakup of a beautiful marriage (which earns him a negative 9.5). Through the thick and thin, Lance's wife stuck by him when he was in pain. When he finally recovered, Lance decided to file for divorce. A painful marriage that was for her. I pray for her every night. Sheryl Crow, if you're reading this, leave him ASAP.

    In my opinion, this is NOT a good role model to follow. He is an abhorrence to the countless Cinderella stories we've seen in history. I've made a list of the worst TV shows in history. Sorry, Lance, but you've found a place in honor for "The Worst Celebrities of the Year!!!" for 2005.
  • A good teacher is hard to find, but we could all learn a thing or two from Lance Armstrong.

    I have to say that in my 24, soon to be 25 years of life I have never found a more inspiring person than Lance Armstrong. I grew up with no real male role models and ended up like most other teens with slightly squalid the "system". I did just fine with an atypical upbringing, and am now an independent person with many goals and aspirations, but one thing I strive to be, is a role model and an inspiration. I respect Lance Armstrong for his ability to remain a whole hearted individual even in the midst of world wide fame, ailing disease, and undaunting valor. Overcoming a disease is a feat in itself, but to come back and win the tour de france multiple times, begin a foundation for the research and treatment of cancer, and continue to show people on a daily basis how down to earth you can remain...that is heroism, that is inspiration, and that is man deserving of the word valor more than any before him. Lance, you are in inspiration and role model for everyone and for you, I have nothing but the utmost respect. Keep up the amazing work.