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  • Trivia

    • Lance and his partner Lacey Schwimmer took third place on Dancing With The Stars season seven.

    • Lance confirmed in July 2007 that he is dating model Pedro Andrade.

    • Lance and Reichen Lehmkuhl from The Amazing Race broke up in December 2006, but briefly got back together. They called it quits a second time in January 2007, but Lance has said they are "still friends."

    • Lance first revealed himself as gay in an interview with People Magazine in July 2006.

    • Along with doing the deep voice of Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts, Lance has been rumored to be playing his voice in the upcoming movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

    • Lance bid $30,000 in a charity auction in Las Vegas benefiting the victims of Hurricane Katrina. What did he win? A snowboarding session with fellow *NSYNC band-mate Justin Timberlake.

    • Lance will not discuss the subject of *NSYNC getting back together for a future album. Bandmate Justin Timberlake was reported to be the one member holding out (due to his successful solo career), but Lance will not give away any information on the subject.

    • Lance is a decent poker player. He's appeared on Celebrity Poker Showdown several times.

    • Lance enjoys playing in celebrity charity basketball games.

    • Lance's last name is pronounced "Bass" like the fish, not like "Base."

    • Lance has a super deep bass voice, which won him the spot in the pop group *NSYNC.

    • Lance was originally known as the "Shy Guy" of *NSYNC, but got a little bit of a party-guy reputation over the last few years.

    • Lance has bright green eyes that sometimes look hazel depending on what he's wearing.

    • Lance got rid of his natural brown locks and sported platinum blond hair for a while while he was with *NSYNC.

    • Lance is a big football fan.

    • Lance loves dogs and owns several different ones.

    • In August of 2002, Lance entered cosmonaut training in Russia. He was scheduled to fly into space on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft in October 2002 with the mission Soyuz TMA-1; however, his sponsorship funds failed to materialize.

    • During the height of *NSYNC's popularity, Lance formed a music management company called Free Lance Entertainment, which is now defunct.

    • In 2003, Lance said American Idol was too "cheesy" and "commercial."

    • Prior to *NSYNC, Lance was a member of the "Mississippi Show Stoppers," a state-wide group sponsored by the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum.

    • Lance began his musical career in the seventh grade in the school chorus.

    • Lance used to date Danielle Fishel of Boy Meets World.

    • Lance carried his beloved Mickey Mouse doll around with him everywhere until he was five.

    • Lance's real name is "James Lance Bass." Contrary to popular belief, his name is not Lansten. Since he was the last member to join *NSYNC, replacing another member that already fit the letters for the band, they needed another "N." So they concocted the story that Lance's real name was Lansten.

  • Quotes

    • Lance: I find that once you start helping others, it makes you feel better about yourself. It helps you figure out what you want to do with your own life.

    • Lance: I knew that I was in this popular band and I had four other guys' careers in my hand. And I knew that if I ever acted on it or even said that I was gay, it would overpower everything.