Lance Henriksen





5/5/1940 , New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Lance James Henriksen




A New Yorker by birth Lance Henriksen spent his youth in and out of trouble with the law, working at odd and end jobs for his next meal. He eventually gravitated towards acting first on stage, then in bits and extra parts in his early films. Although quite good-look and charismatic he is almost always casted as the unrelenting bad-ass slime-ball. Considered one of the most under-rated actors in the business and probably one of the most recognizable, he is invariably the is best thing in any stinker. Lance's trademarks are his batteries-are-running-low voice and a handsome lived-in face. Well-known for his roles as the android Bishop in the Aliens movies and ex-FBI agent Frank Black in the TV series Millennium, Lance Henriksen now in his mid 60s, is still the shining light in any film and sidelines as an extremely serious clay sculptor.