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    • Lance Henriksen: I always wanted to be an actor, even when I was a little kid. When I used to run away from home, I'd go to movies and sit all night watching Kirk Douglas. When I was 16, I tried getting into the Actors Studio and they told me to get lost. I said 'I'll come back when I'm a man', and I came back when I was 30. I went to sea, I traveled the world ... I was waiting.

    • Lance Henriksen: You can't do every movie - although I do a lot of them - and the thing I'm longing to do is ... it's not that I think I'm funny ... but I long to do a situation comedy.

    • Lance Henriksen: The challenge for me in a part is if it's something I haven't done.

    • Lance Henriksen: If I'm going to have a rough time doing it, then that's what I'll do. If I'm in the comfort zone, I can't. I have to get off-balance enough to be alive.

    • Lance Henriksen: I'm pretty slapstick in my life but nobody sees that. You get typecast. I'm from New York and I have a shit-detector that's outspoken. I'm very streetwise and the producers detect that. So they get me on a movie and kill me. I go into their offices and I'm sure when I leave they say, 'You know, he'd be great to kill'. I've been killed every way you can imagine.