Lance LeGault





5/2/1935 , Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

William Lance Legault




Lance LeGault (b. William Lance Legault on May 2, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, USA) is an American actor who stars in films and on television. Lance's first 3 feature films he starred in were 3 Elvis Presley movies, Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962) in which he was a stunt double for Elvis Presley, Kissin' Cousins (1964), and Viva Las Vegas (1964). His most recent film is in the 2005 movie Tugger: The Jeep Who Wanted to Fly.

Lance has starred on some TV shows and in TV movies, his best known TV role was in the 1980s hit series The A-Team as Colonel Roderick Decker, a U.S. Army Colonel who tried to catch the fugitive Vietnam Vets. Lance played the roll of Col. Decker from 1983-1986. Lance's other shows include the short lived series "Werewolf" in 1987. In 1980, he starred with Kenny Rogers in the TV movie Kenny Rogers as The Gambler. Lance also appeared in the other hit 1980s hit TV series Knight Rider in the pilot episode "Knight of the Phoenix" and appeared in the season 2 episode "Knight In Shining Armor". Lance also starred on the hit 1980s TV series Dallas as Al Halliday in 1989.